Russia to tighten laws by banning LGBTQ ‘propaganda’ for all adults 

Russia to tighten laws by banning LGBTQ ‘propaganda’ for all adults not just kids. The new regulation will currently ban any LGBTQ publications in Russian advertising, media, books, movies, and theater creations. Russian lawmakers gave unanimous preliminary approval to the bill at its first reading in parliament on Thursday.

Worldwide human rights groups have long denounced Russia’s 2013 “propaganda” regulation for stifling public discussion and violating the rights of LGBTQ citizens.

LGBT Network chairwoman Natalia Soloviova told AFP the new law could lead to an increase in hate crimes and will “create a situation in which no one can speak openly or positively about LGBTQ people”.

Those found guilty face a fine of up to 400,000 rubles (€6,500) and may even be expelled by Russia if they are a foreign nationals. The fine for companies could be up to 5 million rubles (€81,500). Beforehand, the “advancement of non-traditional sexual relations” or “denial of family values” was prohibited for any Russian citizen younger than 18.

Russia to tighten laws by banning LGBTQ 'propaganda' for all adults 

The new law likewise bans any show or children’s publication about gender transition. Russia has tightened its position against Western qualities and ideals in the midst of its invasion of Ukraine. “We must protect our citizens and Russia from degradation and extinction, from the darkness spread by the US and European states,” Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said in a statement.

The law will face two further readings from Russian lawmakers before it will go before President Vladimir Putin for approval.

Russia to tighten laws by banning LGBTQ 'propaganda' for all adults 

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