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This article about the Dark Web explained. I’m going to be doing a quick browse on the deep and dark web to show you guys what’s on the deep and dark web. What’s still working? What is new? What’s active? What’s the whole deep and dark web about if you’re new to our website. Please Read And Share This Article.

I want to thank you for the time that you’re spending with me today. So let’s go ahead and get this started. Level one of the deep and dark web. We’re going to talk about stuff that we have already kind of writing about on our website, just to give you guys a fair little glimpse of what the deep and dark web is. The search engine that I’m going to be using to find all of these sites is Excavator.


I don’t recommend you guys using Excavator because there’s a lot of shady links on here, but the reason why I use it is because it gives me back working links. Absolutely every single time, whatever you type in. So for example, The First One We’re Going To Be Talking About Is



So finding a Hitman on the deep and dark web, is it easy? Is it a scam? You let me know in the comment section down below what you think, but when you type in Hitman on Excavator you’re going to be given back countless results, Super Hitman, Hitman, silent hitman, dark web hitmen reviews, FURY HITMAN, Hitman, basically hit men are everywhere on the deep and dark web. It’s no surprise that you can find a Hitman on the deep and dark web.

For example, any link that I click is going to bring me back to a working link. There we go!


The Loyal International Contract Killer. Home, Join My Chat, The Hitman, loyal for Hitman duties. Basically, take a look at the screen over here. This is what the deep and dark web is all about. It’s just websites that look like this, websites that look like they were coded in 1996, only because like a lot of these people are independent programmers, creators, coders, whatever you want to call them. And these websites are very like, independently created.

You know, you don’t have an entire team working on a website unless it’s very successful. But a lot of the times this is just some random dude sitting at home or in his mom’s basement just typing out and coding out an entire website trying to scare people on the deep and dark web, because like look at this, Email- [email protected] Basically tutanota is a legitimate deep net email. There’s a bunch of deep net emails. There’s proton mails. There’s mailtotor, tutanota, there’s a whole bunch of them, but anybody can make an email. Their dog can make an email if they really wanted to.

Finding a Hitman in the deep and dark web, is absolutely simple, really easy. But I think it’s a really good way to get scammed on the deep and dark web. I don’t think you should hire a Hitman if that’s what you are trying to do. I think in this day and age it’s impossible to get away with something like that. So just be a good civilian. Nowadays you do something and you get caught. So don’t trust this.

You send any Bitcoin to any of these people. You’re just going to lose your Bitcoin. What do we know about Bitcoin transactions? We can’t get them back. So please keep note of that for the rest of the time that you’re reading this article. Because again, we can’t get Bitcoin transactions back and anything that we see here you have to take it with a grain salt.

You have to think like, is it real? Is it fake? Is it just some guy sitting in his basement? Or is it just legitimate? You always have to ask yourself these questions. So, dark web Hitman. Easy thing to find on the deep and dark web. Is it a scam? Let me know.

Money Launderi.g

Now money laundering for the people that don’t know is people that make money through really, really illegal acts. And they gathered this money, for example, by selling drugs or Hitman services or just a whole bunch of like mafia services. These people get all this illegal money and then they have to make this money look legitimate. You can’t just take this money and go buy a car and a house and everything the, the bank’s going to ask questions.

So for example, it’s called laundering because they usually would open up a laundromat, like back in the day. And they would be like “Oh my laundromat’s making $10,000 a month. “But it wasn’t their laundromat that was making $10,000 a month. It was their services, their cartel or whatever they were running, their Hitman services.

If they were doing these shady things on the side and they were running this like whatever nonchalant business they can just put on paper saying that this nonchalant business was making all this money and get themselves out of trouble.

Legally, once the money goes into their account from their laundromat then basically they can take that money and go buy whatever they want, houses, cars, clothes, chains, whatever the heck they want. So that’s what money laund.ring is. You can find a lot of that in the deep and dark web. The difference is you’re not going to be opening up a company and like laundering your money there. You’re going to be kind of taking a shot in the dark because these are called mixing services.

A mixing service is when you take your cryptocurrency, you take your Bitcoin, you send it to an address, and that address is going to basically send your money around to different addresses, spreading it around, making it harder to track your money. And then it sends it back to you basically. “Sends it back to you” basically. I don’t think it’s going to send it back to you. I’ve never ever laundered my money. So I can’t tell you this. I just know what it is.

I know what Bitcoin laund.ring is, but the money would come back to you and in a sense that money has been washed. Clean money. For example, we’re going to open up Bitcoin Wash. “Thanks to everyone who’s used our service. We laundered over 700 Bitcoins to over 2000 users, Laundering a minimum of 0.01 Bitcoin. “So basically they are asking you to launder a minimum of 231 US dollars, approximately 250 US dollars, minimum.


I think it’s a scam because you know, you send them a hundred dollars. They just made a hundred dollars off of nothing. Everybody that types this in and wants to wash their Bitcoin, they’re going to fall for this. Test it out with a 250 dollars, and lose their 250 dollars. I’m not trying to slander a service that’s on the deep and dark web. I just, I just don’t trust it with a 50 foot pole. Just to show you guys just an example, they exist.

Bitcoin Scams

Why do I keep talking about Bitcoin? Because Bitcoin is the native currency on the deep and dark web. It used to be, at least, now people are using Monero, which is basically Bitcoin, but it’s like Bitcoin’s shady younger cousin that is a lot better and a lot more private and really untraceable. It’s actually impossible to trace a Monero transaction that happens on the blockchain.


Just I wanted to talk to you guys about Bitcoin scams because a Bitcoin scam over here is where you press a button.


“Oh, look at this. I can swipe swipe swipe. Oh wow! I’m going to generate 1.2 Bitcoin. “I just want you to know that 1.2 Bitcoin is $11,000. At the click of this button over here, I’m going to generate $11,000. You tell me if it’s a scam, what’s the catch.


I bet I have to send them just a little bit of money to help them get me this Bitcoin, right? This is somebody’s random address. I hate, getting Bitcoin to start the mining process. Connecting and validating Bitcoin address.


Oh, I’m not connecting to anything. Exploiting. Oh, this guy’s hacking my computer. Leave page.


Basically, I don’t trust it with a 50 foot pole. There’s no possible way in the world where you can get $28000 with a click of a button.

It’s not possible, you’ve got to work to get money. It’s just the economy of living. If people would be handing out free money, if it were, by the way, you can’t get 1.2 Bitcoin because there’s actually a limit of Bitcoins that are in the world. These are for people that don’t know these things. There is a limit of 21 million Bitcoins that will ever be mined. And that’s going to happen in the year 2,140, but there’s currently 17 million coins and they’re all currently owned. So there’s no possible way to get 1.2 Bitcoin for free. You have to get a mining farm.

Stolen Data

This one here is absolutely freaky for some people that, you know, have some of these services, like, by the way, this is all alleged. I don’t think this is legitimate. So I’m just going to show you guys these services over here.

These are allegedly “stolen accounts” of these services over here at the press of a bi, of a button. So if you’re a part of any of these services, I don’t know if you should be scared. I dunno if you shouldn’t be scared, This is just whatever I’m finding on the deep and dark web. But look, there are all these accounts over here.


For example, GE.TT or ixigo, Roll20, Houzz, You Now I know You Now because I have a friend that actually streams on You Now. Pet flow. There are Stronghold Kingdoms.


Now, for example, we will look at You Now and it says “account number”. There’s 40 million accounts over here. 1.3 gigabytes full of compromised data: full names, IP addresses, email addresses, and social profiles. For example, we go to ixigo. Compromised data: passwords md5, full name, IP addresses, username, email addresses, and some passport numbers. Some passport numbers, that’s absolutely freaky. And all of this for $936, less than a thousand dollars.

I don’t know if you’re going to get this information if you pay for this information, but it’s a really small, relatively small website called “Dark Database” over here on the deep and dark web, that’s stolen data for you. You can easily find stolen data on the deep and dark web. I think it’s absolutely freaky. We all know what it is.

Let’s say you have a like shady ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and you know, you just want to take a look into their account. And some people are going to go hire a


I don’t think going on the deep and dark web is the right place to do this, because when you go on Excavator and you type in “hackers” on the deep and dark web, there is digital hackers, dark web hackers, professional hacking services, a whole bunch of them.


And all of these links work, you know, because we’re using excavator. If we just hit Dark Web Hackers, this random link over here, that’s called “Dark Web Hackers. “Basically showing themselves to the government. Look at this: Remote control the phone of someone else, most new models supported. 700 US dollars to get a remote control hold of someone else’s phone, which is absolutely freaky. Facebook and Twitter account hacking for 500 US dollars.


You can, yes, that’s right. Apparently, you can hack Facebook for 500 US dollars. Facebook is actually based off Hacker One. Hacker One uses their current methods to hack into Facebook. And then if they do breach into Facebook, they take all the data, and they report it to Facebook so they can fix it. Basically. All I’m trying to say is that Facebook is currently unhackable unless you are an elite, elite, super duper elite hacker. I don’t believe this, but with a grain of salt, let’s take it with a grain of salt.

Other social media accounts, DDOS for protected websites for 1 month. A 1 month DDOS attack it’s 900 US dollars. I don’t know his name is Vladimir.”Hello. My name is Vladimir. I am a technical expert at Dark Web Hackers. My expertise is programming, running exploits, and setting up DDOS attacks. And I like the challenge of doing things where most others give up. I can recover passwords of old social medias, easily remote control smartphones, and most other things that are useful because I spent years to find methods that really work.

Here you can find a list of my services. But yes, of course, finding a dark web hacker, is absolutely easy. All of these links over here are going to take us to them. So again, hacked PayPal account, by the way, falls under stolen data, stealing PayPal accounts and stealing data, stealing money, kind of like hacking. So look at this, basically a $500 PayPal transfer for 0.01 basically a hundred dollars for $500, $200 for $1000.


So basically after paying $200, you’re going to get a $1,000 PayPal account transferred to you. Basically the login details to this account. That’s freaky because once you log in, I believe PayPal is going to trace your ass and arrest your ass. But I don’t know, maybe you’re taking the proper precautions. Maybe not. Maybe this is a scam. Maybe it’s not.


These are really, really bad. You know, the access to these places and all you need is Bitcoin, which is an anonymous, “kind of an anonymous” currency. You can easily click any of these links over here. You, watch, for example, White House One. It’s going to open up this link.


And this link is going to open up a marketplace where you can buy from legitimate vendors that have legitimate reviews, actual services, or you know, drugs. These are all just like marketplaces that are on the deep and dark web. I’m not going to open any of them because it’s going to show a bunch of illicit items in the background. I’m not trying to do that right now.

“Empire market. These are all people that have been scammed on the Empire market. If you get a scam, you basically report it to these people. And then they, they list it as a scam. But everyone else that’s not listed on here is supposedly a legitimate person that sells on the deep and dark web. That’s a vendor on the deep and dark web.


Anywhere there is money, there’s going to be sellers. You have to remember that. So if there’s money on the deep and dark web, there is going to be sellers 100%. This one here is really, really, really bothersome for me. I’m actually not going to show anything. I’m not going to show anything. But what I’m going to be talking about is a very touchy subject. It is on the deep and dark web.

So I thought I’d mention it just because, maybe you’ll be raised more awareness to authorities about this so they can get it taken off.

Dead Fetu.es

I can’t, I’m looking at them right now. And it’s like the second, the bottom half of the screen is a lot worse than the top half of the screen. So I’m looking at the top half of the screen. The top half of the screen, it’s pretty fricking bad, but the bottom half of the screen is really worse. To be honest, I don’t want to look at it anymore.

I just kind of want to talk about it. But that’s on the deep and dark web. And I just of want to like, like, I know it’s really sickening that that’s there, but I really like, I’ve never asked for this, but like, if anyone’s responsible for that, I just, take that stuff off. Come on, man. That’s a really touchy subject. And the fact that that’s there in the first place, is absolutely sickening.

My opinion on it is I don’t think there should be an opinion on it. I think that you should leave that stuff alone. I don’t think you should show it like that. Curiosity is curiosity, but I don’t think you should show it like that. I don’t know.

Human Products

The next one is called the Human Leather Company because the next stuff we want to talk about is buying. I don’t mean like human essential products, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer and like, you know, tweezers and whatnot. But I am talking about legitimate human products made from actual humans. This is actually freaky, if you really think about it.


This is very vague. When, I mean, it’s very vague. I mean that like you can’t really order it. You kind of have to message the person. There’s no buying-out button. You have to message the person and then they give you their Bitcoin address. Human Leather Company. I want to read this to you.

“We are a specialized leather products company and we work to a very specific order book. In fact, we only craft a very limited number of pieces per year, depending on our stock of raw materials. We closed our order book a few years ago, as our waiting list became too large for us. it’s closed. “We will soon, however, be opening our waiting list again to an exclusive clientele.

Please keep your inboxes and your minds open. Drop us a line [email protected].


“That’s freaky over there because if you really think about it, where did they get the raw material from? Are they responsible for the raw material? Is it, so many freaking questions. It’s a very, very vague website. They only have a home section over here. Absolutely nothing else. Just an “About Us” section. And apparently they used to be operating, but now they’re not operating anymore because the waiting list became too large for them to be able to service all of our outstanding requests.

Absolutely frightening. But apparently it does exist on the deep and dark web. This is one example of many examples. There is tons of places where you can go on the deep and dark web and buy, You can buy urns. I saw a place where you can buy people’s urns for a really astonishing price actually because these people really need money. So they’re trying to sell it on the deep and dark web for a really astonishing amount.

I think I saw one for like $1,400, which is, are you really going to sell a loved one in a jar for $1,400? I don’t know. I don’t really know. Sickening, but it’s a topic. So we’ve got to talk about it. The next thing and I couldn’t really find much of these on the deep and dark web, only on Excavator. And I wanted to let you guys know is I only limited my search to Excavator. I didn’t really want to search too vastly. I didn’t want it to make it look like I’m actually looking for these things.

“Cannibali.tic Forums”

Did not give me any results. There’s a bunch of forums on here. And like, for example, GreySec forums. I don’t know what this is, but we’re going to go ahead and open it up. But it is rumored to have actual, legitimate, active cannib.listic forums on the deep and dark web that actually talk about this type of stuff.

So look at this. What the hell? GreySec. “I’m sorry. You are banned. You may not post rethreads or access the forum. Please contact your forum administrator. “I am banned? Login/Register. I am banned? What did I do? I don’t even know this website. That’s freaky. I’m just gonna exit. GreySec forums is just a forums website that I can’t access. Maybe it’s still available. Maybe it’s just not. Maybe everybody’s getting that message right now.


Apparently cann.balistic forums are things that happen on the deep and dark web. For people that don’t know what cannib.lism is, shame on you because Danny Torrance from the Shining knows what can.ibalism is. He’s a kid, he’s five years old in the movie. So shame on you. Cannibals are people that eat people. Humans eat hum.ns. It’s absolutely freaky, absolutely sickening.

It makes me sick just thinking about it because you know a person eating another person has always like, kind of made me cringe obviously, for obvious reasons. You know, it’s kind of why Hannibal Lecter is one of the most creepiest characters in the world. The next thing I want to talk to you guys are stuff that I’m not going to show in this article for obvious reasons, because after I tell you guys what these things are you’re going to know why I didn’t show you guys these things in the article.

But on the deep and dark web this is the worst stuff that you’re going to be able to find. These are the three worst things that you’re gonna be able to find on the deep and dark web.

Number one: Human Experim..tation

Now, for example, people that are humans that are being experime.ted with. Plain and simple, absolutely frightening. Think about it. Think about somebody being used as a Guinea pig for absolutely anything. These experiments can range from like, there’s a movie called Unfriended: Dark Web, where people get holes drilled into their head and they get stuff just put inside, right?

You want to puke too, right? Experim.nts on live humans are conducted and these videos are live-streamed to people for entertainment purposes. And it shows people how they are cut and opened, et cetera… I don’t know if I like talking about it. I don’t know if you guys like hearing it, but it is one of the worst things that’s on the deep and dark web. One of three of the most worst things.

Number two: Animal Abu.e

This is not in any specific order. One, two or three of these are all freaking bad. Animal abu.e, it just shows a bunch of pictures, videos, and forums of people discussing, showing, and talking about what they do to animals. And it just makes me cringe. It’s making me because I’m an animal lover. I love animals. I can’t hurt a fly. If there’s a fly in my house, I’ll try my hardest to cup that baby and just open the door and let it out free outside.

You know, it just, I can’t think of the thought of animals being hurt like this and I’m not going to be showing any of these things. Obviously, like I said, obvious reasons, but I’m not going to even describe the actions that happen to these animals from these sick people. But there are sick people in this world that do these things to animals and record it and post it on the deep and dark web for other people’s amusement and satisfaction which is terrible, which is absolutely terrible.

And I hope they all burn in hell for it. And the last one, I want to talk to you guys about, the worst one that is on this list, and kind of what the dark web is absolutely riddled with is I don’t even want to say it.

Number three: Child Por.grap.y

The dark web is absolutely riddled with this and it gets to a problem where like, for example, you’re just doing some random curious browsing on the deep and dark web you’ll type in like, oh, “camera”. And then you’ll press a link that says like, “Oh look press link to get the camera. “And then it shows you something that you really don’t want to see, like the dark web. It used to be a scary place, breeding to conspiracy theories and chat with people that like, like anonymity as well.

But it’s basically turned into just like, a bunch of crappy links that opened up a bunch of crappy websites and it’s on the deep and dark web and it’s there. And I think it should be taken down. I don’t think it should be up. I don’t even know if it can be taken down because like, you know, once one sites taken down, another one could come back up. That’s how the deep web works. And that’s how the dark web works. That’s basically why it can’t get shut down because if one service gets shut down, then another one will just open.

Basically, you have to take down the people that are responsible for this, not the service, not the website itself. You can’t just take a website down and give them a DDOS attack because it’s just as easy to copy the code and then put it onto another website and then rerun the service. The people need to be locked up for this that are responsible for this because it’s absolutely sickening.

And again, like I said, a lot of the content on the deep and dark web is based off this stuff. Like, don’t even get me wrong. There’s a lot of fun times to go on the deep and dark web and do some actual browsing. Like there’s a website called Dark Net Live. That gives you like up-to-date, literal up-to-date news about the dark web, like all dark web news. And it’s like, when you read it, you kind of think, like, Oh wow. The dark web is really, really interesting. You know, look, look at, look at the names of these articles over here.


This is really, recent. All this stuff over here is really, really recent. I want like, you know if you guys want you guys can go take a look into this stuff because it gives you a bigger like, look into like what’s going on in the deep web in Dec 2022 and so on. So Dark Net Live. I want to give them a quick little shout-out. And I also want to tell you guys that that’s the end of this article over here.

If you guys made it to the end of this article and you enjoyed this article, smash the like button and subscribe our Youtube channel. Thank you guys so much. If you’ve made it this far, I’ll see you in the future. And remember to stay off the dark web.


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