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This is the J K Rowling A Year in the Life. Harry Potter published seven volumes between 1997 and 2007 and sold 500 million copies. Harry Potter has been translated and published in 70 languages.

” J.K.Rowling who became famous because of Harry Potter.. ”

j k rowling a year in the life

J. K. Rowling was born on 31 July 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire.
she was born into a middle-class family, her mother’s name was Ann. Father’s name is Peter or Pete James Rollins. Mother first served in the Women’s Division of the British Royal Navy, and father in the Royal Navy. her grandfather, father’s father, had a machine-making business at that time and later retail trade.

Her parents first met at King’s Cross Station. Her mother told her that they were 19 years old when they got married on March 14, 1965. This young couple came to live in ‘Yate’ town. Later, father worked as a chartered engineer in the Rolls Royce company and mother worked as a technical officer in the science department. But both of them don’t have degrees. She had a sister who is two years younger than her. Her name is Diane.’

Saying this, Joanne Rollins started her school life at the age of 5. At that time, there was a family near the house where she lived. Their surname was Potter. Little Joan loved the name. Joan’s mother, Anne, was an avid reader, so their home was filled with books.

One day, Pete, the father, was reading a book with his two daughters close. It was called The Wind in the Willows. The mother, who brought Richard Scarry’s books, taught her daughters a lot about wild animals. Joanne Rollins was 9 years old.

The Rollins family went to live in the artistic house when the parents bought the house belonging to the historic church in Tutshill province. Before moving there, this little girl tried to write a book at the age of 6. It was named ‘Rabbit’.

A student who was not very good at arithmetic at school, her mind was attached to literature and books. At the age of 12, she wrote the book The Seven Cursed Diamonds. Living like this, she completed her secondary and university education. It is not empty-handed.

Trying to write things that have themes of curiosity and mystery. Her writing skills were greatly supported by her mother and sister. She also studied French with the aim of becoming a writer. Having obtained two A’s and a B’s in German and English.

She tried to go to Oxford University, but she failed. However, she became a graduate in 1987. After college, Joanne Rollins is said to have moved into an apartment with her friends. She had a goal of becoming a secretary after taking a course in the translation department.

j k rowling a year in the life

J.K. Rollins

Her life as Joanne Rollins was spent as if it oscillated between happiness and sadness. During her youth, she had to face various difficult situations in her school life as well as in her personal life. In the midst of all this, on the encouragement of many people including her mother and her aunt, she chose JK as her pen name.

She continued to write as Rollins.
Joan had a habit of reading Jessica Mitford’s books that her aunt had brought her. When she was about 15 years old, she was devastated when she learned that her mother, Anne, had a spinal cord and neurological disorder. Like her, the older sister was closer to her mother than to her father.

She believed that fathers preferred sons over daughters.
Because of this, the mother even left her job. While doing temporary jobs in various places in London, Joanne even worked for Amnesty International on a temporary basis. At that time, novels were written only for adults, but they were not published. When the 1990s came, she was eager to go to Manchester with her boyfriend, and one day she was waiting for the train, but it was delayed for 4 hours.

She mentions that she was able to line up the characters at that moment, having retained the concept of writing the Harry Potter story. Names like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger were used for the characters because she didn’t have a pen and paper to write them all down at that time. Immediately after coming home, she noted it all down.
She must have had hope that this book would take over the world.

But in December 1990, the untimely death of her beloved mother, who was a great wall to her writing, and who was like a best friend in life, gave her a great shock. With the death of her mother, she felt a great loneliness in life. By this time, she was providing temporary services even in the Chamber of Commerce including Manchester University. Shocked by her mother’s death, she was further shocked by the fact that she did not get the spiritual strength that her mother had inherited from anyone else.

Amidst all this, her relationship also fell apart. She was very worried because she had retained the concept of ‘Harry Potter’ but never told her mother about it. I should have told mother about this before she die’

Muttering to herself, she sighed and passed the time by starting to write Harry Potter. During this time, she had gone to Portugal to study foreign languages ​​from the city of Porto. While in Porto, she slowly became involved with a Portuguese television journalist, Joje Arantes. It was during this time that he became interested in Jane Austen’s novels.

That’s because of Arantes.
Around 1992, Arantes said to Joanne Arantes, “Let’s go to London and I want to introduce you to our family.” In the meantime, there was also a miscarriage. It can be mentioned that her unmarried life with her lover was not comforting for her. After marrying Arantes on October 16, 1992, they had a daughter and Joanne Rollins aka J.K. Raelyn named her Jessica Mitford.

Boredom in marriage and divorce

The short married life lived until then was not a beautiful one. I faced domestic violence.
Having said that, she went to the police for custody of her daughter. She had to hide for several weeks until the verdict. The daughter was under the custody of the father. After getting the rights of her daughter, she returned to London with the aim of living a new life.

J.K. has to shoulder the responsibilities of her daughter and become a burden to her sister’s family. Rollins didn’t like it. Therefore, it can be said that she went to live in a rented house receiving subsidies from the government and spent a difficult time there.

Those flats were not a very comfortable place to live. It was a dirty place full of rats and cockroaches. In the meantime, Arantes came there in search of his wife and daughter who had come to Scotland without him. He went to court to demand his rights, but to no avail. Arantes returned to Portugal empty-handed.

Rollins’ married life ended with divorce proceedings. It is said that before the divorce, she was under stress and sometimes even committed suicide. However, after treatment, she was slowly getting better again. She got the divorce decree in 1995. J.K. Rollins is better known as a character born to die of depression. We read only a few pages of her life story, which was a long story.

j k rowling life story
J.K. Rowling attends the Broadway Opening Day performance of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two’ at The Lyric Theatre on April 22, 2018 in New York City.

Harry Potter

harry potter 20th anniversary return to hogwarts 2022 directed by eran creevy credit warner bros album 2HJBF18

Until the release of the ‘Harry Potter’ book, J.K. Rollins had a hard life to pay. Until then, she also worked as a teacher after a training course. J.K. Rollins always had to live life as a learning moment. Finally, in 1997, with the release of the Harry Potter children’s novel series, which had a fictional plot, J.K. Rollins had the luck of all the planets. With the writing of ‘Harry Potter’, the whole world started talking about this novelist.

From 1997 to 2007 only 7 volumes of Harry Potter children’s novel were printed. 500 million copies were sold. It has become so popular that the Harry Potter story has been translated and printed in the languages ​​of 70 countries. Moreover, he had become an ‘authorized’ character (Harry Potter) for films, video games and commercials.

It is the same today. This Harry Potter story can be said to be the most popular book ever written in the world. Not stopping there, she published the crime-themed series ‘Cormoran strika’ under a pseudonym. Robert Galbrake is that name.

In 2012, he wrote the book ‘The Casual Vacancy’ for adults. Married to Neilmare in 2001, she is the mother of three children. J.K. Rowlig is a woman who valued life in a great book. She was not a character who stood on the sidelines flaunting the great wealth she had earned through her writing.

A character who gives priority to charity work and social care work needed to help the society. She later named the Lumos Foundation after her mother. A fearless figure who stood up for the rights of people who needed a voice in society. A prominent figure who advocated for the rights of transsexuals as well as women’s rights.

She was loyal to the British Labor Party and was a figure who wanted independence in Scotland. She has received many awards and honors for her writing and reading. An honored woman who received a great award from the British government. We started this post from Elizabeth Badenter, who is said to be the richest writer in the world, J.K. To say what Rollins’ character is like. J.K. What a force Rollins is.

By this you can compare how courageous a woman is. Indeed J.K. Rollins’ becoming a billionaire is no wonder or luck. A wonderful character who gave a real meaning to the female generation who faced life in reality.


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