25 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe You Should Visit in 2023

Most Beautiful Cities In Europe, Europe has no shortage of natural beauty, but we’ll admit it’s the cities that keep us coming back to the continent again and again. These European hubs—all with a population of 100,000 or more—have enough culture, food, architecture, cobblestone streets, and mountain views for an itinerary many times over. Warning: They might even make you want to consider a permanent move across the Atlantic.


Europe is full of fascinating cities. From capital cities like Budapest and Prague to the smaller cities of Alesund and Bruges. There are so many defining moments and “aha!” moments I’ve had on my solo adventures across Europe. If you’re anything like me and seek out the best, you’ve come to the right place. This is my definitive list of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Porto, Portugal

Bern Switzerland GettyImages 1012186136

Before you start writing angry emails about us not including Lisbon in this list, hear us out: Portugal’s second city is having a serious moment. Oenophiles have been in on the secret for years, but creative types have been flocking to Porto lately, thanks to the city’s stunning architecture (yes, there are lots of tiles) and public art.

Don’t miss the ornate Lello bookshop, which reportedly inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and Leça da Palmeira’s Piscinas de Marés (Tidal Pools), a concrete swimming complex juxtaposed against Porto’s famous beaches and granite coastline. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Bern, Switzerland

Athens Greece GettyImages 1027480736

Bern is not just Switzerland’s legislative hub; it’s also one of the most picturesque places in the nation. The city, which was constructed around the Aare River, offers stunning views from almost every aspect, including those of the covered walkways and the quaint Old City. (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Be careful to visit the renowned 13th-century Zytglogge and Bern Münster (Bern Cathedral). (clock tower). It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Athens, Greece

Florence Italy GettyImages 695183824

It is like traveling back in time to ancient Greece when you visit the world-famous ruins in Athens. Here, buildings are supported by columns that date back hundreds of years, stonework dates back to 400 BC, and statues of gods are commonplace.

The Acropolis, which offers views of the Parthenon up close as well as sweeping panoramas of the city from its summit, is a great place to get your history fix. At Lykavittos Hill, which is accessible by cable car, you can enjoy comparable expansive views (without the strenuous walking). It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Budapest, Hungary

Edinburgh Scotland GettyImages 968387424

Budapest has some of the finest Art Nouveau buildings in all of Europe. Consider the renowned thermal spas or the gilded, a little ostentatious Café Gerbeaud in the city. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, however, offers the finest vantage point for viewing the Hungarian Parliament shining over the Danube River at night. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Edinburgh, Scotland

Innsbruck Austria GettyImages 905148624

Edinburgh is renowned for its endless green hills and fascinating history, and it appears beautiful at any time of year. In addition to its stunning Gothic structures, cobblestoned Royal Mile, and fortress guarding a hilltop from the 12th century, it also happens to be surrounded by an extinct volcano. Are you able to say that about your hometown?

Bergen, Norway

Paris France GettyImages 1125705638

No trip to Norway is complete without a stop in Bergen, the country’s second-most populated city. The postcard-perfect town has all the makings of an idyllic Nordic village: scenic harbor, colorful rows of wooden houses, and sweeping views of the surrounding fjords and mountain group (known as the Seven Mountains). It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Paris, France


It goes without saying that passion and history coexist in Paris. Beautiful people stroll along the Seine at all hours, cafés line the cobblestone streets, and each area appears to have its own iconic structure, such as the Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, or Eiffel Tower. Take a stroll through the elegant Luxembourg Gardens’ statues for a brief respite from your fellow visitors and consider how ideal life would be if you called this place home. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Florence, Italy

florence hotel terrace

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, according to popular opinion, is the capital of Tuscany, an Italian area. I have to admit that after going a few times over the years, I completely concur. There is so much Renaissance past still being lived today in Florence. You can excuse yourself if you accidentally cause yourself whiplash while trying to take it all in by looking in all directions.

Make sure to give yourself enough time to leave the major tourist route after seeing the Cathedral and the Ponte Vecchio. A completely different world is waiting for you as soon as you pass one of the numerous bridges. You can find public parks, libraries, and smaller art venues outside of the city center. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Munich, Germany

Bruges Belgium

A feast for the senses awaits those who travel to Germany for the first time. Munich, however, is the most stunning metropolis in Germany, and it should be on your travel itinerary. The beer halls, cafe scene, and charming buildings of this romantic city in the South of Germany contribute to the city’s all-year-round beauty. This is consistently one of our top choices for the most stunning towns in Europe. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Bruges, Belgium


You might mistakenly believe you were in a real-life storybook in Bruges because it is such a stunning city. When throngs of tourists learn about Bruges, which is frequently cited as the most beautiful city in all of Europe, its old-world appeal has an authenticity that isn’t often imitated in cities, but – somehow – it has managed to retain its charm. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

Netherlands 2

One of the most dynamic towns in Europe, Barcelona, quickly won my heart. There are many things to adore about this vibrant city, including its magnificent Gaudi architecture and some of the finest cuisine in all of Europe (patatas bravas anyone?). Barcelona’s countless architectural wonders are unsurpassed in terms of beauty; the city is a blank postcard ready to happen. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos is one of those cities I knew I’d fall head over heels in love with but for one reason or another, it took me some time before I finally visited Greece. This party center is as fun as it is beautiful – but for the best of Mykonos, be sure to explore in the early hours of the morning before the crowds take to the streets. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

 Alesund, Norway


When you hear people talk of the prettiest city in Norway you never really hear them say Alesund. I’m changing that. Having had Bergen on my bucket list for quite some time, I was surprised to see the incredible Art Nouveau architecture of Alesund. And quite frankly, I was stunned that I had not stumbled upon it sooner. Having rebuilt after a fire in 1904, the city has managed to retain its authenticity and charm with ease. and beautifull womens live in there. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Ghent, Belgium

caleb miller 738108 unsplash

Ghent will steal your heart in an instant. This university city is an interesting one: old in looks but young at heart, with a thriving student population that makes this a really fun city to visit. Only a short train ride from Bruges, I would argue if you’re visiting one you must visit the other: they’re both so similar but yet so different! It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Rome, Italy

IMG 7389

I will always cherish my first trip to Rome. At the age of 17, I was with my father, and that city may be the one that I recall in the most detail. We were both in awe of the past when we first traveled to Europe, and now that we have returned, it almost seems like a dream. There is only one thing I would do differently after spending a week seeing the sites and indulging in carb-induced comes, and that is to wear better walking shoes. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Warsaw, Poland

maxresdefault 3

Despite being the capital, Warsaw is not the first city many travelers think of when visiting Poland. I too had fallen into this trap and considered Krakow the only city I desperately wanted to visit on my first time in the country some ten years ago. As it turns out, Warsaw is just as (if not more) beautiful to explore and has a wonderful old town that comes to life over the Christmas period. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik was considerably smaller than I anticipated, but it was also more stunning than I could have envisioned. Particularly the locals are very welcoming and proud of their country; they are curious to know where you are from and what led you to Iceland. The best way to get around is to walk the streets; just remember to let yourself get lost because that’s when the magic occurs! It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe.

Antwerp, Belgium

London Oxford

When I arrived in Antwerp I wasn’t sure what to expect because quite frankly, I hadn’t heard a thing about it. As it turns out this was one of my favorite cities to discover in Belgium: full of young people, extremely fashionable and fun to ride a bike around. The city center is beautiful to stroll around and you could spend at least a couple of days doing just that. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Copenhagen, Denmark

Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen holds a special place in our hearts. This enchanting city is a treat to explore. With Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, The Little Mermaid, and an endless stream of canals, Copenhagen definitely deserves to be named one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It is like a fairytale to walk around. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Budapest 1

Budapest is probably the most beautiful city in Europe that’s on the water. Walking over the chain bridge to witness the beauty of Buda and Pest looking back at one another across the Danube is pure perfection. hen the lights come on in Budapest, make your way down to the river and take in the splendor of the two cities. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe.

Brussels, Belgium

Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Brussels 1

We first traveled to Europe in Brussels, and I’ll never forget the excitement we felt when we eventually located the square. We had been strolling through the city when we turned a corner and came upon the renowned Old Town Square. Our breath was taken away by the spectacle. When we went back a few years later, the sensation was still there. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

Tallinn, Estonia

Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Tallin 1

We only managed to pop over to Estonia for a day, but I am so happy that the city we visited was beautiful Tallinn. If you are doing a Scandinavia tour, Tallinn is definitely one of the prettiest cities to visit (in northern Europe at least)on the list.

Istanbul, Turkey

Most Beautiful Cities in Europe Istanbul 1

When gazing upon the city of Istanbul from our rooftop terrace at night, it is set afire with light. Istanbul is a city with two personalities. One foot in the West with a European flair and the other foot in the East of Asia. Spanning two continents it is also Europe’s largest city. It is the Eastern influence that makes this city so beautiful. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

London, England

beautiful cities in europe london

I know we will probably get some flack for putting London in as one of our most beautiful cities in europe, but we find it to be stunning. Our favorite part of London was hanging out by the river. With Tower Bridge, We took water taxis and ferries and took in the beauty of the city from the water. It is filled with memorable and notable architecture. It’s colorful, massive, and beautiful. Do you agree?


Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Located on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is surrounded by crystal clear waters and picturesque beaches that make it a truly beautiful place to visit. The city is also home to a number of charming islands, including the island of Lokrum, which is home to a beautiful botanical garden and a monastery that dates back to the 12th century.

One of the main things that make Dubrovnik so beautiful is its Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town is surrounded by a medieval wall that was built in the 13th century and is filled with narrow streets, charming squares, and beautiful buildings that are a testament to the city’s rich history. It is one of the Most Beautiful Cities In Europe…

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