Top 10 Most Corrupt Leaders In The World , in Asia, in History

Corrupt leaders have plagued the world since the creation of organized societies. This has gotten worse in the contemporary age as wealth and money have spread more widely. Politicians who are corrupt everywhere, corrupted by the influence they have, can’t resist the chance to get their hands on some shady money.

The most extreme abuses of power by political leaders sometimes involve extortion, money laundering, and embezzlement. Those who make a few thousand dollars may get away with it, but in the most publicized cases, when hundreds of millions of dollars disappear, concealing the fraud is sometimes more difficult than committing the scam.

Most Corrupt Leaders and Why..?

Transparency International is a non-profit organization that aims to tackle and document corruption across the world. It regularly produces assessments of countries, their levels of corruption and, in 2004, published a list of the most corrupt leaders in the world.

The ranking is based on how much money different people stole while in positions of authority in their respective nations. it’s possible that there are still additional embezzlers whose identities are unknown. Visit their list for 2023 to get the most recent data about global corruption. gif maker 1 2

What Is Corruption and Its Types..?

Corruption can take many different shapes, but at its core, it is an unlawful use of authority that preys on the confidence of the people for the profit of a single person or a small minority. In many nations, corruption is viewed as a sickness that not only erodes public confidence in governments but also feeds poverty and other social evils. Organizations like the UN consider the elimination of corruption as a key step in establishing more equitable economic systems and raising the bar for human rights.

Money isn’t the only factor in corruption; political corruption that prioritizes influence and power is a problem in many nations. Both cronyism and rigged elections, when the result is already known due to voter fraud and bribery, are instances of how power may be exploited to favor a certain group of individuals. If left unchecked, this may result in civilizations that are incredibly unjust, seldom undergo change, and are ruled by autocrats with unchecked authority.


01. Mohamed Suharto – President Of Indonesia (1967–1998) gif maker

Funds Embezzled: $25 billion

Mohamed Suharto was the second president of Indonesia and served for a record 31 years from 1967 to 1998. Suharto oversaw a military dictatorship, which evolved into an authoritarian regime built on his own cult of personality and ended his rule with a personal net worth of $38 billion.

Prominent politicians began blaming Suharto for the 1997 economic crisis, which Indonesia took a long time to recover from. As a result, demonstrations started in earnest that year. Suharto resigned in May 1998 as a result of increasing pressure and his political supporters’ desertion.

Suharto was never charged, in part because a huge percentage of the populace still regarded him favorably and in part because he was allegedly too unwell to face trial. He passed away on January 27, 2008, and he is still viewed as a controversial figure in Indonesia. Some see him as a hero, while others blame him for much of the country’s corruption. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 01.

02. Viktor Yanukovych – President/Prime Minister Of Ukraine (2002-2014) gif maker 10

Funds Embezzled: $5 billion

From 2002 through 2014, Viktor Yanukovych alternately served as the Prime Minister and President of Ukraine. He defended the interests of big business in Ukraine during his term in government and gained more and more support for his ties to Russia.

Yanukovych was found to have committed a variety of corrupt acts, including using $220 million of state money to launch a private communications firm, stealing $1.5 billion in assets from the government, including real estate, and using money from the general people for his own pleasure. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 02.

03. Najib Razak – Prime Minister Of Malaysia (2009-2018) gif maker 7

Funds Embezzled: $4.5 billion

Before he was chosen as prime minister in 2009, Najib Razak had been active in politics for many years in Malaysia. He adopted a policy of imprisoning his political rivals while in office and opened the nation up to more international investment.

Investigators from Malaysia’s anti-corruption agency detained him after he lost a general election there in 2018. Razak was found guilty of stealing a total of $1 billion from Malaysia’s wealth fund, with further amounts perhaps hidden in assets. In 2022, he received a 12-year sentence and a $45 million fine. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 3.

04. Alberto Fujimori – President Of Peru (1990–2000) gif maker 1

Funds Embezzled: $1 billion

Fujimori was elected to office in 1990 and almost immediately implemented vast neo-liberal economic reforms. He quickly revealed dictator-like tendencies after he enacted a self-coup to oust opposition in the Congress so that he could govern unopposed. He also made use of a death squad to take out political rivals and torture those connected with them.

Fujimori was re-elected twice but both are heavily disputed on grounds of election rigging. Soon after his third win in 2000, Fujimori’s involvement in bribery was made public and he fled to Japan to offer his resignation as president. Upon his return to the country to run for president once more in 2005, he was arrested within hours. He was tried for human rights abuses and embezzlement, found guilty, and sentenced to 32 years in prison. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 4.

05. Nawaz Sharif – Ex-Prime Minister Of Pakistan gif maker 8

Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan, is ranked fifth due to the serious corruption and white-collar crime he committed while serving in office. He is one of the world’s most dishonest politicians. His name gained notoriety after his offshore firms were revealed in the Panama Papers.

He is among Pakistan’s wealthiest individuals, with a net worth estimated to be at US$1.4 billion.

His wealth and corruption were exposed as a result of the Panama Papers leak, which had an impact on the lives of all politicians and influential individuals.

Every major corporation in Pakistan and overseas is owned by him and his family as a whole. They possess significant real estate holdings, factories, rice mills, wheat mills, sugar mills, steel mills, and factories both domestically and abroad. He is the One of most corrupt leaders in Asia.

06. Mahinda Rajapaksa – Former President Of Srilanka (2005 – 2015) gif maker 5

Funds Embezzled: Over $1 billion

Mahinda Rajapaksa, also spelled Rajapakse,, Sri Lankan politician who served as president of Sri Lanka from 2005 to 2015, during which time he oversaw the end of the country’s civil war (1983–2009), and later served as prime minister (2019–22).

From 2010 to 2015, he has been accused of corruption. Embezzlement of money through useless projects , Family rule, lawlessness, fundamental theft, Srilankas 2019 Easter bombing and 2022 economic collapse are assigned to the Rajapaksa family. Mahinda Rajapaksa, is the One of most corrupt leaders in Asia.

07. Joseph Estrada – Former President Of The Philippines gif maker 4

Before he was even formally elected president, he employed the art of deception to turn the majority of the Philippines into a “land of make-believe” in order to advance his campaign and manifesto. This obviously aided in his election process as he somehow foresaw that this was the only way to win the support and votes of the lower class first so that the higher society members could recognize him.

Joseph, who is today regarded as one of the world’s most corrupt politicians, began his career as an actor. It is thus understandable why he was able to trick those who had faith in him and saw a glimmer of hope in him. Sadly, the Philippines were too defenseless to see his corruption before he ever became president. Estrada has been charged, prosecuted, and it is alleged that he accepted bribes totaling more than $300 million. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 07.

08. Arnoldo Aleman – Former President Of Nicaragua gif maker 2

No matter how many Presidents have come before you, being the 81st President of any nation should be a big honor for any man. The term “President” simply denotes being the head of the nation, the leader of the entire country, receiving international recognition, being a recognized figure in that nation’s history, etc.

Before becoming president, Aleman followed a career as a lawyer, which should be enough to indicate that his oath and vow to the law and the nation should have been greater than before. We may thank his professional achievement as a lawyer, his subsequent campaigns for mayor of Nicaragua and president, and his subsequent status as one of history’s most corrupt politicians!

It was quite an impressive and prosperous career growth in business and politics, and it was the ideal route to receive a 20-year jail sentence for corruption after embezzling more than 400 million from Nicaragua’s Treasury. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 08.

09. Jean-Claude Duvalier – Former President Of Haiti. gif maker 3

Being president essentially means “I own everything and everyone in a country,” according to some people in positions of power, and this is where abuse of power gets to the best of their morality and beliefs. Basically, everything changes once someone gains full control and power; it won’t be long before their power is taken to the point where everything is now swindled by their intimidating and authority figure finger. One of the most dishonest politicians in history is Duvalier.

From this point on, everything seems to point toward corruption.”Like father, like son,” they say, and it appears that Jean-Claude Duvalier’s father, Papa Duvalier, has terrorized Haiti for more than a decade, inspiring dread in the people of the country. When in government, a guy who promised to deliver an economic revolution to Haiti’s starving people felt free to steal $300 to 800 million. Definitely one of the world’s most corrupt politicians. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 09.

10. Slobodan Milosevic – Former President Of Yugoslavia gif maker 9

In terms of fraud, one could ask oneself, what is the limit that somebody could reach in terms of the amount of money they could take from the country without being caught and for how long can they pull this off? There must be a certain genius behind this as it isn’t as easy as mugging a homeless man on the street of his last Penny to steal from something as large as an entire Country.

Mr. Milosevic however has gone beyond just money fraud in this case and has been convicted according to BBC’s report of some high profiled killings and being the head behind assassination attacks, killing of witnesses or people who were brave enough to bring him to justice. Plus he’s also one of the most corrupt politicians on our planet.

Power-hungry men, who sincerely believe that they control and own everything the country has, including the people, know no limits as to where their power boundaries are. Human rights and constitutions are nothing more than ceremonial documents with fancy writing on them because none of these seem to actually matter when they are committing fraud themselves, and in this case, not in small, insignificant numbers as this one really reached t This estimated value and the $100 billion paid out to make up for campaign bombings that occurred and caused collateral damage are not a joke or anything to play about with.

Presidents aren’t meant to start wars with other countries; they’re supposed to make their own country peaceful. All of this was accomplished via the labor of one man and his allies, Slobodan Milosevic, who is so infamous that a street is named after him. Most Corrupt Leaders in the World no 10.


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