Tens Of Thousands March In Berlin In Support Of Iran Protests

In Berlin, police estimated 80,000 people joined the march, Tens of thousands march in Berlin in support of Iran protests, with protesters waving Iranian flags and holding banners saying “Woman, Life, Freedom”. Organizers said Iranians had traveled from Canada, the United States, and all over the European Union.

A rally held by the Iranian diaspora in the German capital on Saturday is believed to be its largest yet. Iranians from across Europe recited the slogan of the protesters “Women, Life and Freedom!” In Iran itself, protests set off by the demise of a young woman in custody have entered the 6th week.

Thousands March In Berlin

Mahsa Amini, 22 died in the wake of being arrested by morality police in Tehran on 13 September for supposedly wearing her headscarf too freely. The police denied reports that she was thumped on the head with a baton and said she suffered a heart attack.

On Saturday gatherings were held in a few world capitals including Washington, where thousands have been marching. Organizers of the Berlin rally put the number of protesters at closer to 100,000. Their demands included more Western sanctions against Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard. Iranian ambassadors, the protesters said, should be tossed out of Western capitals.

“It’s breathtaking, it’s amazing,” one protester told the reporters. “It’s the first time that so many people in our nation are united regardless of their political beliefs before the revolution and after the revolution. I am really proud.”

Inside Iran, the authorities have cut off admittance to the internet in many areas, but videos have shown up via social media showing demonstrators in a few cities.

Iran’s Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) estimates that 244 protesters, including 32 children, have been killed by security forces in the crackdown. More than 12,500 others, many of them children and young people, have been detained.

Thousands March In Berlin

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