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Read carefully these words from Andrew Tate Motivation. These Andrew Tate quotes show how he has gained internet attention because of his thoughts about success, life, and gender roles. Andrew Tate is an American-British former kickboxer and controversial internet personality currently the most searched person in the world.

“Life as a man is exceptionally difficult. I say the most beautiful and the most terrifying thing about being a manager born without value Society doesn’t care about you. You’re only going to be cared about based on how useful you are. You have the chance to build yourself up and become a superhero if you’re prepared to do the hard work and be indefatigable enough to never quit. But if you’re going to stand around and wait for a handout nobody’s going to ever respect you.

I think that a lot of people have forgotten about how difficult and how competitive it is as a man we’re always in constant competition with each other and it’s your duty as a man to stand up and say I want to be as important and strong and good-hearted and God-fearing as possible and I need to work hard to achieve those things. And the dangerous thing about overly emotional men is that they’re dangerous.

They’re genuinely dangerous. This is what’s crazy. All these people who talk about toxic masculinity and how bad it is for men to be traditionally masculine. A traditionally masculine man does things he doesn’t feel like doing because it is his duty to do that. He charges into the burning building because it is his duty not because he feels like it because it is his duty.


We’re now teaching the new generation of men that they don’t have duty and they can just act on their feelings and act how they feel and they don’t have to act as a man should. Do you know what happens when you get men who just act how they feel? you get School shooters, you get violence. Men who do not control their emotions are dangerous.

If you find a man who is stoic, he’s not going to hurt people. He’s going to sit and think about his actions very carefully and he’s going to be a good man who protects for it and provides for his family. You find a man who just acts out on impulse and does whatever he feels like. You’re going to find a dangerous man sitting here telling men to cry more and act with their feelings, that it’s okay to feel this way, that way, Etc and have no self-control.

That is why we have the problems we have in the world. Absolutely nothing wrong. So when they talk about toxic masculinity, they have a completely inverse on its head. Completely nutly wrong. We need to be teaching stoicism. We need to be teaching young men to understand that the world is very very difficult. It’s hard to be a man. You’re going to feel bad sometimes. You just suck it up and perform anyway hope to sit there and cry your eyes out. We blame other people and when bad things happen they call traditionally masculine men.

If you need a firefighter, you need a masculine man, when you call the police because of the problem you had you want masculine men. And as soon as a woman or a man is in trouble when you look for backup, you look for masculine men. And masculine men have a duty to provide and protect those they care about. We have a duty to do things we don’t feel like doing because we know we’re supposed to do them.

And that’s why we stayed in the Titanic and died. The real problem with the world is that there’s an epidemic of cowardice. Men are cowards. We have an epidemic of cowardness. Everybody is so afraid. It’s on the other side of fear that you’re going to Garner the respect of other individuals. You have to do things that they’re afraid to do. meaning most likely you are also afraid.

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I’ve done a bunch of sh.t i was afraid 87 times before I go on the ring and cage. It’s scary, right? I lived a scary life. But by going through all of that I am now respected. You have to learn to face your fear. I’m not saying be I’m not saying not be afraid because that’s not brave. If you do something you’re not afraid, you’re not brave. You have to be afraid and do it anyway. That’s what courage is. So I’m not saying you can be as scared as you want, but you still have to go.

We’re living inside of a video game because in a video game, you’re gonna go through trial and tribulation. You’re going to struggle to upgrade your character and the reason you upgrade your character is when you get more stats, you can complete more difficult levels within the game. Life is exactly the same. The levels never end. But as you become better you stand a better chance of completing them. So as you upgrade your character, you get further and further in the game, but the game never ends.

That’s the beauty of being a man. All these men are out here complaining, complaining that things are difficult. The reason it has value is because it’s difficult. If it was easy, everyone would have it and it wouldn’t have any value. Plain that it’s hard to get a Lambo. The reason having a Lambo is cool is because nobody has a Lambo. How are you gonna complain that it’s hard to be the man, but then also understand that being the man has value? they are linked. You cannot separate the two. It’s a logic fail.

If you love the fact, if you love the idea of being that character you dream of yourself to be, then you should love the fact it’s hard to become that man. because it means no one else can do it. There’s no light without dark. You will not appreciate your six-pack unless you didn’t have one and you had to earn it.

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That’s how the world works. So when I talk to these dudes like, oh but it’s you know what, Tate? Yeah I agree but you know, it’s hard. It’s hard of course it is. It’s supposed to be. And if you’re not cut out for it, then Golf and live a normal existence and die. Sit there letting other men enjoy The Spoils of being a man and die, if that’s what you want to do is just sit there and exist and then be Fade Into history unremembered that’s your decision.

If you want to level up your character then you need to get out here and do it. You need to be around, Brave man you need to get some balls. You need to get your network together. You can do the truth. Humble yourself. Stop sitting there with an ego. Realize you ain’t shi. for nothing but lucky. Bacteria could have stole your eyesight at the age of three and it didn’t. You could have been in a car crash and lost both your parents. Never happened.

You’ve been nothing but lucky. Blind luck has given you a favorable hand and you’ve managed to get up. They are trying to convince you that you should act how you feel. You should show more of your feelings. If you feel this way, you should show it. If you want to cry, cry. Look, I have no problem with guys crying. sometimes guys cry, right? My dad died, I cried. I’ve cried once in 10 years but it’s not a default emotion for me.

Sometimes you cry, right? What I’m saying is the reason they’re trying to bring out emotionality in them is because most of the time you don’t feel like doing the things you’re supposed to do. But the true masculine frame throughout history was doing the things they didn’t want to do but they knew they had to do because they had honor and Duty. That’s what honor and duty means. Do you think the men on the Titanic wanted to stay on the Titanic? No. We’re men we have to stay.

We’re scared, but we must. It’s our duty to let the women and children on the lifeboats. This is masculine Duty. When you remove self-control from the men you get and Matt not only do you get e masculating weak men, but you’ll also get is very dangerous man. Because the World At Large is trying to tell you just be more in touch with your feelings and everything’s going to be fine.

Men also have an innate desire, one, for conquest and two, we have a biological response. We are very predispositioned to anger. You look at all these School shooters and these are men who can’t control their emotions. They have no self-control and then they go do dangerous. A good man controls himself. I have absolute self-control. If I decide to smash your face in it was a very conscious decision. Nothing to do with the fact I was angry. Do you understand? Emotional control is absolutely and utterly important as a man.

Now I’m not saying become a stoic dork, have no personality, be a boring. I’m not saying that I’m saying that you need to understand as a man, there are certain principles under which you act regardless of how you feel. I can wake up in a terrible mood to pin, wakeup sad I can ache, I can have a busy day stressed Etc. I will complete the same tasks as if I woke up in a fantastic mood. I’ll do the same things because how I feel has no bearing on the things I’m going to do with my day because I have duty to myself and to my bloodline.


so all you guys out here are acting like fools because you feel like acting like fools. And what I’m going to say to you is because you think there’s something wrong with you and go, well i lack motivation. You hear this one. I don’t have the motivation to go to the gym. Well, here’s the news flash neither did I, and I still did it. So now what you’re gonna say? Now you have no excuse, right? oh you’re scared to get in the ring. So was I.

I still did it. I’m scared to get the cage? So was I. I still did it. Being a man is about not feeling things, about acting the way you’re supposed to act, irregardless of how you feel. And I’m tired of hearing guys message about how they feel. I don’t feel motivated, i don’t feel feel feel. Leave the feelings to the girls, right?

That’s what they do. We act, We’re Men of action, we get things done. So the world got built all of it. All The Men Who Built skyscrapers felt scared they did it anyway. you need to become a man of action, so I’m worried about how you feel and start worrying about what you’re supposed to be doing”.

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