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In this article, we will see the different methods with which the Matrix manages to keep control of the population and see how to get out of it. Speaker: Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate– Do you ever look around you and just look at the world and feel like we’re in The Matrix like there’s something missing?

Interviewer– do you think that’s like the government making those decisions like that’s what I mean like who do you think is they?

Andrew Tate– There are people who’ve been in charge of the world for quite a long time and people at the bottom just don’t seem to get it. They don’t seem to wake up and they don’t seem to wake up because the people in charge try very hard to keep them asleep constantly distracted by everything.

You are done you are now in full slave mode and that’s all they want it’s always been the same Playbook. It’s absolutely incredible that people are not awake enough to see what’s Fu.. happened. I struggle to sleep at night like literally what’s happening is crazy.

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*How they control you- Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate– A lot of people out here it still amazes me. They believe the government cares about them. What the government wants, is slaves. This is what this is slavery’s not gone anywhere right? So the old school idea of slavery let’s talk about slavery a government that would get slaves to make them work for free and build things.

That’s slavery so they’ve stopped doing that now so what do they do now they get people to make them build things for money but the government prints all the money.

So if a government can create as much as they want of something from thin air and you’ll give up your life for this thing (MONEY) they can create from thin air as much as they want. You are still their slave, that’s it. You used to be a slave and you’d work all day and at the end you got food in the house. Now you work all day you get money and you spend all your money on food and a house like enough slavery is still here my friends.

Nothing’s changed right nothing’s changed and what they want is they want slaves who are going to comply and pay their taxes and whatever kind of indoctrination or societal programming they can instill inside of people to keep them doing what they’re going to do.

Anything it takes to stop people waking up and realizing who the government’s FU..ING me here. Let’s forget Corona let’s forget locking us all in our houses and taking our business away. I’m paying how much tax what they’re helping me how much if you actually wake up and look around you.

You realize you’re being destroyed in real time the idea that the government cares about them is a Lie the government is never going to tell you anything that’s going to wake you up. The government’s going to teach you things that are going to make you subservient and compliant. They’re going to tell you all this crap about identifying as a panda and all this other SH.T. It’s not an accident.

When they can convince the average person on the street to pretend that some other person is a panda because they said so. You are fully in the slave mindset. Every single one of us to some degree is an empty vessel. We’re all programmed.

There’s no such thing as escaping the slave mind you must just to some degree understand who is programming you and understand if you really want those characteristics. Most people are repeating uh opinions and I’m saying where did you get that opinion from they can’t remember where they got it from they don’t know who even told them they don’t know.

Why they so fervently believe in it. They’re just told their programmed you need to genuinely analyze your brain defrag every single opinion you strongly have and identify where it came from and if that person has your best interest at heart and what they’re trying to do especially with young men is program them because we’re all empty vessels and what you have to do as an adult as a parent is to program your child stronger than all of society.

It’s not an easy job because all of society from YouTube videos to TV shows to school every single thing is trying to program them in One Direction you have to combat that and that’s not an easy job and if you just sit there and get lazy about it you will FU..ING lose. When Rome was losing all they did was have endless circuses to keep you distracted from the losing War. The world we live in today they try very hard to prevent you from creating your reality you’re constantly distracted by everything.

It’s hard to focus on nearly anything and they do that on purpose because for you to go stand out in the rain and protest that takes Focus they want you distracted they want arguments in the household they want black State the whites Republicans hate Democrats who want to argue with each other for all of us that hate our neighbor and also all to be so distracted and selfish and self-absorbed and we can’t think beyond ourselves. That’s what they’re trying to do to us and it’s absolutely an utterly work. There are very few of these people and look what they FU..ING did to the entire world. It’s absolutely insane.

Andrew Tate

*Money Control- Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate– You’re existing inside of a system which is deliberately rigged to make the rich richer and for the poor to stay poor. You can sit there and get upset about it. You can sit there and cry about it and say the system needs to change. Which is what some people do but I think that’s not I think. I know that’s a waste of time, right? That’s futile the best thing to do is to understand the rules of the game and find a way to win.

So yes the game is rigged yes the Richard are always going to get richer yes the poor are always going to struggle and that’s the way the game is set up. So you still need to find the best move on the chessboard there’s no point sitting there saying I want to play a different game that’s never going to happen. I was having a conversation with someone the other day they were talking about Joe Biden and his relief checks he gave out fourteen hundred dollars to all the people in America because of Corona they think.

Don’t you think he’s good at that? He’s helping the poor I said you think that helps the poor. Let’s talk about this you give 100 people a 1400 check right everyone understands you can’t just leave it in the bank forever. Because of inflation, the value goes down because what happens when they print trillions of dollars from the sky the dollar becomes less valuable and now we’re living in a world right now where inflation’s getting out of control especially in America right in the last year inflation’s up like six seven percent.

So no poor person is going to take that money and just leave it in the bank they’re going to either spend it or invest it. Let’s say there are a hundred poor people and 100 poor people spend their money. What do they spend it with businesses who own businesses? Rich people.

Amazon their stock price went up 30%. Why? Because people are getting stimulus checks and spending it on Amazon. It all went to the rich guy and then they go oh yeah but what about they invest it? Invest it Where? In a stock market, that increases the stock price. Who owns the company Rich people. You’ve made them richer.

What if you and all your poor friends 20 poor friends and be more than 20. 200 poor friends put all your money in together and bought one house between you. That still takes one house off the market and raises the property value of that area who already owns those expensive houses? Rich people. You can’t stop making the rich richer. You cannot stop it.

People inside the Matrix don’t understand what’s happening and they’re gonna sit there and go but the government cares about me he gave me fourteen hundred dollars. The government doesn’t give a SH.T about you. The government is looking after its friends the government gave all the slaves a little bit of pocket money. So they can send it all to the rich guys it’s all a scam.

*Freedom- Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate– I think freedom is being destroyed in real time. Even before Corona freedom is being destroyed. If you look at even very basic things right like freedom of speech. If a man isn’t free to say what he thinks in the way he wants to say it if political correctness or hate speech or whatever if a man can’t even express himself the way he thinks it is he free?

You know and what they do first is they restrict your speech because if they restrict your speech then they can start to restrict your thoughts. If you’re not allowed to ever say it then you’re probably not going to think it so often this is why it’s done on purpose. So I don’t think that Society is very free at all and I think that in regards to keeping our employment keeping our money coming in making sure we don’t lose our social media.

Every single person has to censor themselves to some degree and I try very very best to skirt that line. You know as far as possible. So I feel free freedom is the ability to scream when you want to scream be angry when you want to be angry smile when you want to smile say what you want to do what you want and that’s a very very rare commodity in the modern world. That’s extremely rare.

Once you escape them a trix and you try and find a way to get your wealth outside of the system then you can exist geographically anywhere and once you can do that then laws don’t really apply to you. If they made a law in the UK I was unhappy with I’d just leave and if they made a law in Romania where I live I’m unhappy with I would just leave. I don’t have to be a lawbreaker. I don’t have to be a criminal. I’ll just go somewhere else, right?

Who is Andrew Tate and why is he in the news

*How To Escape The Matrix- Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate– It’s like in chess say good moves come from good positions. It’s true you can’t find a good move from a terrible position right? If you’re sitting at home with no money. It’s hard to invest in Bitcoin at a dollar. It doesn’t matter what it goes to right you’ve got to be in a good position to take advantage of things you’ve always got to be in a position.

Where you have a good Network you have good information you have some kind of liquid money you have the ability to survive without that money you can take a risk like it’s hard to set yourself up.

I’m in a position now where I’m in the NBA, I’m an NBA player I can never go broke again. So it doesn’t matter, right? Once you’re in the NBA I can throw a million dollars or something it doesn’t matter if it works or not. So for me it doesn’t make a difference and that’s why it’s so much easier they always say the first million is the hardest and they’re completely right. Once you get to a certain point you can gamble to it, right?

You know what’s amazing lots of now I have money lots of people always ask me how do I get rich and I say when’s the last time you’ve talked about money. When was the last time you sat down with your friends and refused to talk about anything else?

But how to make money how are you making money, how are you making money, how am I making money, how can we make money together, how is that guy making money, how’s that coffee shop there making money, is that coffee shop making money, I don’t know do they sell cake, no why don’t they sell cake, everyone in here is a businessman.

If they had a cute young waitress a girl instead of a guy they’d probably sell more coffee. Like no one analyzes anything. They just want to get rich right? I want to be rich but they have no plan to get rich and I hope and a plan are very different things. Like explain this to people all the time everyone has a dream but no one has a plan and nothing good is gonna happen on accident right? I didn’t become the world champion on accident.

I didn’t wake up and someone go how did you become world champion and I went oops you have to plan for it. So I said to Tristan we need to discuss money we need to plan this and we need to work out a way we can get rich and that’s when I started analyzing and understanding Banks and the credit system and the money system. How the world actually works and then I got really pissed off because I realized that money isn’t real and it’s all a scam.

The banks are destroying Us in real-time with inflation and I still don’t have any and I also very very much understand that as soon as you stop pushing forward as soon as you go stagnant you’re dying right? As soon as you stay in one place you’re slowly on the way down. I was under enormous pressure I didn’t think I have plenty of money now it was the complete opposite I wanted to work harder more hours. I found the tap.

bro, If there was a golden tap that unlimited money and you had buckets and you took one bucket of money would you just take that bucket or would you run back and get another buy and run back and run I couldn’t stop I couldn’t sleep I’d wake up to go piss at three in the morning take a piss and by the time I finished pissing I’d be like I’ll slept three hours.

That’s enough and wakes your chicks up and puts them back online I couldn’t get out of my brain because I saw that I’d replaced fighting which I loved with this and this was my chance to escape the matrix.

Bro, this has been inside of me since as early as I can remember I remember walking to sixth form College I was 16 or 17 with my four friends, and a Ferrari burnt past us.

I said to my boys I was like Man how’d that guy get that car and they’re like don’t know I was like doesn’t that annoy you like why would it annoy me because we’re going to school our parents are on Council Estates like we’re trying to scrape 20 pounds a week to to eat this dude has 400 grand for a car doesn’t that aggravate you doesn’t that show you that there’s something about the world you do not understand.

That you’re missing something and they’re all like not really. I was never that guy I was pissed off for weeks because I saw some dude in his Ferrari do you understand I was like no I have to so now when I push my Ferrari I’m like this is the full circle this is the universe giving me what I’ve always been manifesting.

Man, I can tell you stories now that even sound stupid to me I went to Do Ville France to fight for a world title and I was sitting there and the promoter hadn’t turned up yet and I ordered two waters to Perrier and they came and they were like nine Euro each and I paid for them and I said to Tristan 20 quid for Water cause we’re bro keys and he’s like yeah that’s crazy and we look it around and there’s all these tables just with water champagne food you know like a thousand dollar lunches thousand-pound lunches no one gave a Sh.t, right.

And we’re sitting there going where are we going wrong with life. So I always knew it. I was always around it, especially through fighting. I went to a bunch of crazy countries Kazakhstan all these places we’re in Kazakhstan a poor country it’s just G wagon G-WagonG-Wagon G-Wagon I’m like what’s going on like there are people who are living outside the Matrix and once you live outside of it once you get to a certain level of incomes and wealth everything becomes free.

Like when I was looking at the price of that water no one else in that restaurant even looked at the price of anything it didn’t matter and that’s what I’m like now I don’t know the price of anything I eat or buy. So I always knew that that kind of Life existed I used to talk with my brother about it all the time.

I was like bro we’re doing something wrong something doesn’t add up we’re still thinking in terms of like make money spend money in the bank. It doesn’t there are people who are living for free and they just point at things and they get everything they want my brother used to call me crazy he said what are you talking about I was like no there’s the Matrix we’re inside the system. We need to escape and now I managed to find a way out so I always knew it existed I was always looking for it.

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Andrew Tate on Anything Goes With James English in 2021

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