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If you are looking for the How To Keep Girlfriend Happy? You are in the right place. Men are pretty clueless when it comes to the subtle arts of love, relationships and dating. We barely know how to take care of ourselves, let alone care for another person, or nurture a healthy relationship. This article is all about How To Keep a Girlfriend Happy. Okay, that’s an overgeneralization, but you see the point, right?

Maybe you think that decoding the female brain is not easy. Maybe you know how happy she makes you and want to do the same for her. Or, you love her but can’t figure out how to express gratitude by putting in the extra effort.

Women do all the figurative heavy lifting in a relationship, and men just sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, the buck stops here. If you’re a man reading this, you’ll try at least a few of these 25 things that show you how to make your girlfriend happy ( make a girl happy ) and keep her on the edge of her seat.

01. Cuddle her whenever possible

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02. Talk with her as much as possible.

how to cuddle someone

03. Share your secrets with her.


04. Warm her up when she feels cold.

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05. When kissing her, kiss her slowly without panicking.

attractive youth lovely couple kissing and enjoying each other near the window of their new home photo

06. Hug her.

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07. Hold her hand. She is happy to have you hold her hand even for a second or two.

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08. Spend time laughing with her.

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09. Ask her to travel with her. She will love to walk with you.


10. Your friends will be together with her in the future. Introduce to friends that she is your girlfriend.

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11. Take pictures with her.

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12. Make her sit on your lap. Hold her tight and don’t let her go.

woman sitting on mans lap

13. If she says that she loves you more than you love her, argue with her against it. Don’t let her win. She also wants you to win.

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14. If her friends say they love your girlfriend more than you, reject it. Hold your girlfriend tight while resisting them, don’t let her go to her friends.

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15. Hug her and tell her you love her when you meet her.

types of hugs from a girl

16. Kiss her when she least expects it.

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17. Sneak up on her and hug her.

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18. Tell her she’s beautiful.

tell her shes beautiful

19. Tell her everything you think about her.
Show her you care about her

how to get a girl to ask you out 1

20. Open doors for her when you go out with her. Stay with her until she gets into the car. Don’t leave her alone on the road. Always be courteous.

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21. Tell her she is your most precious possession. Be honest when you say this. Don’t lie.

how to cuddle someone 1

22. If you feel she is unhappy, ask her about it. If she says there is no such thing, there is no need to talk about it and spoil her heart, so if she says so, hug her and keep quiet for a while.

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23. Kiss her in front of other girls you know. She will think that you are hers only.
Girls may say that these are not true, but they know that they really like these things.

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24. Never cheat on her.

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25. Take her to places she likes to go.

young man holding carrying his young girlfriend street hugs having fun couple 63762 4286

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