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This article is for How To Find Hidden Cameras, Recording Without Your Permission. Today, the majority of technical devices have become smaller in size. The main place is the camera. There are powerful and sophisticated cameras in the market today that were not even available in the spying agencies of developed countries. These are called spy cameras and take videos and photos very secretly. Anyone can easily do it.

In the past, wires were needed to supply power to such cameras, but today sophisticated cameras that can be completely powered by batteries and transfer data wirelessly have come to the market. Such cameras are installed in toilets, hotel rooms, private vehicles, etc. Anyone can use it to take videos secretly hidden in different places. Nowadays, this has become a big problem in many countries. Below are some ways to find out if such cameras are hidden & how to detect hidden camera in mirrors.

01) Look Closely At Your Surroundings

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Sometimes you don’t need any special equipment to detect a hidden camera. It’s enough to look around where you are. Many people who install hidden cameras take advantage of the carelessness of others. It’s very easy to secretly video someone who doesn’t care where they are.

If it is a bathroom or toilet, it is common to hide cameras in places such as inside the system or behind the window, or behind the mirror. If it is a hotel room, there may be cameras hidden behind the TV set, in the cupboard next to the bed, in the plants inside the room, in the electrical outlets, etc. Look at these places with interest. can be.

02) Hold A Light To Suspicious Places

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You may not be able to spot a camera inside a small pinhole. A very effective way to find out if a camera is hidden is to look at the light reflected from it. No matter how well hidden a camera is, if light falls on it, the lens will shine. If you are going to stay for a night, it is best if you can carry a torch that emits a light stream for such situations.

Turn off the light in the room and hold it to various objects, and suspicious places and see if you can see a strange glow, light reflection, etc. You can see for yourself. The phone can be used as a flashlight, but for it to be successful, it should be taken close to the place and checked.

03) Find Hidden Cameras In The Smartphone

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There are many ways to find hidden cameras depending on the type of phone. Various sensors and networks are used in smartphones. This method is used to find cameras that operate using sophisticated wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi. Depending on the type of your phone, it is for that purpose. You can use many different apps that have been prepared.

The Fing app is the most suitable for modern iPhones. The collection of cameras, electronic compasses, GPS receivers, etc are used for this purpose. You can use the Android version of Fing for Android phones. However, its success may vary depending on the types of sensors in your phone. Even without this app, you can find hidden cameras that use IR light from your phone’s camera. Especially the lights.

It is used for recording in dark places such as a hotel room. It contains a small LED that emits IR light that is invisible to the human eye. However, the image sensor of most phone cameras is sensitive to IR light. Therefore, hold the camera in suspicious places and there are bright spots that cannot be seen by the eye. You can see for yourself. A simple way to see if your phone can detect IR light is to hold the camera phone to the front of your TV remote and press the button on the remote.

04) If You Don’t Have A High-End Smartphone

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You can use your phone’s GSM receiver. The best way for that is to temporarily switch your phone’s mobile network to 2G. Although the 3G and 4G receivers on your phone are designed to remove interference, 2G does not have this facility. This is also the main reason for the slow speed. This can help you to detect wireless hidden cameras. For that, make a call to someone who has a 2G network on the phone.

Tell the person on the other side to mute it and turn on the speakerphone with their phone. Then try to bring the phone closer to the suspicious places in the room. If there is a wireless camera, due to the interference emanating from it, our phone will start to hear signal interference sounds.

05) Identify Two-Way Mirrors


On one side of the mirror, we can see our reflection. On the other side, there is only a coating with red and black color. However, there is another type of mirror created in a special way. From the other side, we can see the other side of the mirror like a transparent glass.

Mirrors are especially common in changing rooms in clothing stores. A secret camera can also be hidden behind them. Instead of a uniform coating, the two-way mirrors have a very subtle layer of coating. When the shiny side is turned, it looks like an ordinary mirror.

When viewed from the dark side, the other side can be seen through those fine holes, just like looking through a dust cloth. However, due to a technical requirement, the corresponding porous shiny layer of this kind of mirror should be coated on the outside.

It is different from coating the metal on the back of the glass like a normal mirror. You can identify it by bringing a finger close to the mirror. When the finger is pressed on the surface of the mirror, the glass Due to the thickness, there is a small distance to the reflection. In a two-way mirror, the shiny surface is on the outside, so the finger directly touches its reflection.

06) Buy A Specially Designed Device

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Above are the steps that a common person can take to protect their privacy. You may be an important person in society. Perhaps actors, actresses, models, businessmen may be politicians. Also, I have heard a lot of people taking secret videos of famous people and using them for blackmail.

If you are a person who is more likely to face such a thing if you are a person who represents that social environment, spending money to buy specially designed devices will not be a loss for your society, but they can be quite expensive.

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