8 Ways How To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You

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1. Unspoken Competition

how to tell if someone is jealous of you

Have you ever felt like you’re competing with your friends? It might be something simple, like studying for a test or going to the gym. Somehow, they turn everything into this strange competition. They race through their work to finish faster than you. Or push themselves extra hard on the treadmill, just to outdo you. But aren’t you supposed to be friends? Why would you compete against someone you’re close to? Deep down, your friend might be jealous of you.

They might want something that you have. Maybe they’re self-conscious about getting lower grades than you. Or they’re envious of how athletic you are. They don’t want to say those feelings out loud. They get competitive. Because they want to prove to you and themselves that they can keep up. That they’re just as good as you are. Luckily, a little jealousy doesn’t mean your friendship is going down the drain. Competition between friends can be a good thing.

That competitive spark can be the driving force that pushes you both to greater heights as long as it stays friendly. If you know someone who is actively sabotaging you, that’s a very different story. Because they’re not trying to keep up. Or prove what they can do. They’re trying to hold you back. And that’s incredibly toxic. These are the kinds of jealous friends you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

2. Negative Nitpicking

how to tell if someone is jealous of you

Someone jealous of you will criticize everything you do even the smallest, most insignificant things. If you buy something new to put in your room, they’ll tell you it’s ugly. If you work hard to get a new job, they’ll act like anyone could do it. These nitpicky people always find new reasons to tear you down. And make you feel bad about your decisions.

But the real reason they criticize you so much is because they’re jealous of you. This toxic habit usually starts small. At first, they might give you some backhanded compliments. Or get passive-aggressive about a few pointless things. But, when your friend feels like they’re falling further behind, they’ll start criticizing you more and more.

It will start to feel like you’re doing everything wrong whenever you spend time with them. But you’re not. The truth is they wish they could do what you do. Act like you act. And say what you say. But they can’t. Instead of building themselves up, they spend all their time analyzing you. And searching for ways to even the playing field.

3. Spilling Secrets

how to tell if someone is jealous of you psychology

Let’s say you tell one of your friends an embarrassing secret. Normally, you wouldn’t mention it to anybody. But it was late, and you felt like you could really trust them. You let your secret slip. But, the next morning, you realize you made a huge mistake. Suddenly, everybody knows your secret. And you know exactly who to blame.

But when you confront your friends about it, they’re not sorry. They barely even care. This is a classic example of a jealous friend. Even though you were trying to nurture a healthy relationship, your friend was searching for ways to tear you down. They wanted to make you look stupid.

They wanted to hurt your image because it makes them look great by comparison. They might have been waiting for a chance to steal the spotlight away from you. They don’t care about betraying your trust or breaking that bond. Because, chances are, your jealous friend didn’t care about your friendship in the first place.

4. False Attraction

how to tell if someone is jealous of you psychology

All of the signs we’ve talked about so far paint a very specific picture of a jealous person. They’re bitter. They’re aggressive. And they’re motivated by deep insecurities. These jealous people want to watch you fail. Why? Because they’re envious of your confidence, success, or intelligence. But sometimes jealousy takes on a whole different look. It can feel warm, endearing, and affectionate. On the surface, jealousy can even look like love.

Someone might spend weeks fawning over you. They go out of their way to spend time with you. And try everything to establish a more intimate bond. But they’re not really attracted to you. They’re jealous of you. They fell for you because you represent their ideal self. You’re the kind of person that they aspire to be. Maybe you’re living their perfect lifestyle. Or flourishing at their dream job.

Whatever the reason is, that jealous person will latch onto you, transforming you into an unspoiled image of who they wish they were. It’s almost like falling in love with a celebrity. Or dreaming of being their best friend. You may have no idea what that celebrity is actually like, but you’re still attracted to them. You’re still drawn to that ideal version of them you’ve created in your mind. But how do you know the difference between false attraction and the real thing?

You’ll find the first dead giveaway in the dynamic of your relationship. A jealous person will make sure the entire relationship revolves around you. You only do things you want to do. You only eat where you want to eat. It’s almost like you’re spending time with your shadow. This kind of one-sided relationship grows when one person puts the other on a pedestal. They might think everything you do is perfect, that’s all they ever want to do.

Of course, that false attraction doesn’t last forever. You can only idealize someone for so long before you realize that they have flaws, just everyone else. And, once that happens, they’ll start to resent you. They’ll realize that you’re a regular human being, not some fantastical ideal. In a heartbeat, attraction will turn into animosity. And you’ll see just how jealous of you they are. Be careful of people who idealize everything about you. You’re not perfect, but a real friend or partner would never expect you to be.

5. The Fade Away

how do i know if someone is jealous of you

Everyone wants to tell their loved ones about their success stories. When you win an award, get a promotion, or accomplish a goal, you want to share those experiences with the people you care about. But the people you care about may not always react like you hoped. Have you ever noticed that your friend stops listening when you tell them a good story? They don’t congratulate you.

They don’t ask questions or show any interest. Instead, they pull out their phone and fade out of the conversation. People use the fade-away when they’re tired of hearing how successful someone is. Even if you’re just trying to share some good news, they feel like you’re rubbing your success in their face. They do everything they can to show you how little they care.

6. Intentional Exclusion

how do i know if someone is jealous of you

Is one of your friends going out of their way to exclude you? Are they purposely leaving you out, and then rubbing it in your face? It feels like you’re getting booted out of your friend group for no reason. But there is a reason. It’s just not your fault. Intentional exclusion is a tactic that jealous friends use when they want to feel powerful.

Being around you makes them feel weak, insecure, and self-conscious. In their mind, you’re constantly showing them up. And making them look bad. To get back at you, they cut you out. They exclude you to knock you down a peg. Your jealous friend thinks they’re finally getting the better of you. But the truth is it’s just making their jealousy even stronger.

7. Jealous Imitation

how to act when someone is jealous of you

If you grew up with a younger sibling, you know what it’s like to have someone copy everything you do. They play the same sports. They take up the same hobbies. They want to go everywhere you go. But the only reason your sibling is imitating you is because they admire you. Friends and acquaintances will do the same thing when they’re feeling jealous. Imagine you wear a new shirt to a party one night. And you get all kinds of compliments.

Your friend might see how good you look and feel jealous. Instead of pioneering their own style, they copy yours. They go out and buy the same shirt. Because they want to get as much praise and attention as you did. You might notice the same kind of imitation with the slang you use, the places you go, and the activities you enjoy, which can be really frustrating. But try to remember this. Just like your little sibling, a jealous friend is only imitating you because they admire and respect you.

8. Demanding Attention

how to act when someone is jealous of you

If someone is jealous of you, you might notice them constantly asking for your attention. Every time they do something, they’ll look to you for recognition or praise. They’ll always ask for your opinion. And they’ll go out of their way just to impress you. They might feel needy or a little bit annoying. But, in reality, they look up to you. That’s why they value your opinion 10 times more than anybody else’s.

Say they ask you what you thought of their presentation at work. If you tell this person that they did a good job, it’ll give them a huge ego boost. Because, if someone as smart or successful as you compliment them, it means something to them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the healthiest way to build your self-esteem. No one should base their worth on other people’s opinions. But, if someone is coming to you for advice or even criticism, they’re hoping that your success will rub off on them.

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