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How to Deal With Overthinking – If you dwell on a subject or worry about the same thing over and over again, that is overthinking. A person who overthinks may become paralyzed by their worries and may be unable to take action or make decisions. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders can be caused and contributed to by overthinking.Read This For how to deal with overthinking and anxiety And

What is this overthinking.. ?

causes of overthinking

As a topic that is discussed a lot in today’s society, This is understandable. We call it Overthinking. To think too much about something. That is, by thinking too much about a problem or event that happened to someone, distressing situations are created in their mind. Here they are often prone to depression.

How can we avoid such situations in our minds?

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First of all, we should identify the problematic situations or thoughts in our minds. After that we have to think about those problematic thoughts with understanding. Then we ourselves should find solutions to those problems and eliminate those problematic situations from our minds. That means you should stop wasting time thinking about that problem. To defeat overthinking, one must also overthink about it.

That is, if any thought comes to our mind, we should set aside time for it and get an understanding of that thought first. Then we ourselves should get an understanding of the harm that can be caused to us by that thought and divert that thought from our mind for a very short period of time. So in this way we can control the thoughts that come to our mind and defeat overthinking.

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