10 Reasons To Live In Iceland And Moving To Iceland

If you are looking for reasons to live in Iceland. You are in the right place. To many people, Iceland is just a small country in Europe. However, this island country in the North Atlantic Ocean has a lot of good things to offer. For those who desire to have a taste of life in Iceland. in this article, you’re going to see 10 good reasons to live in Iceland.

reasons to live in iceland
Colorful Northern Lights

reasons to live in iceland
Iceland Beauties

You’ll then discover certain things that are magnetically cool about Iceland. This is a country that’s sprawling with wonders of nature including stunning glaciers, astonishing lava formations, amazing geezers and dazzling fjords. No wonder it’s always found in several lists of the best places to visit in Europe. I dare add Iceland to the list of best places to live even in the whole world. As you go through, these reasons to move to Iceland as presented in this article. You’ll see the best things about things to know before moving to Iceland.

10. It’s Very Safe

reasons to live in iceland
Cityscape Reykjavík, Iceland.

In my own opinion, the foremost reason to move to Iceland is safety considerations. I have earlier sided with those who voted Iceland as the safest country in the world. This is largely due to the fact that the country is very tiny and criminals have no hiding place. Save for the few mountains there’s literally now here to run on the island. Criminals will find it hard to escape as everyone knows each other.

About every Icelander is somewhat related to another when family trees are extended to the sixth generation. Iceland’s crime rate is among the lowest. Children play outside unsupervised only to return home just before dinner or curfew. Did you know that Icelandic police don’t carry guns? Now you see why the country keeps stopping several rankings of safest countries including the LEP’s global peace index.

9. Nature

reasons to live in iceland
Awesome Northern Lights in Mount Kirkjufell Iceland.

Tranquility is associated with getting close to nature and this can go a long way in improving our health. You can enjoy this in your country without a long journey if you move to Iceland. One of the best things about living in Iceland is that you get the chance to experience nature uninhibited. There are many wonders of nature in this country. Iceland is one of the Most Beautiful Places in the World.

That’s one of the reasons Iceland is among the small most visited countries by tourists. Among the tourist attractions, you can see more frequently while living in Iceland are exotic waterfalls. There is also a blue lagoon where tourists always bathe in. Another wonder of nature is the hot pools with waters of varying temperatures. Imagine seeing the sun at midnight. It happens here in Iceland from May to July. do we need to mention glaciers and ice caves? These provide you with reasons to moving to Iceland.

8. Equality

good reasons to live in Iceland

Another reason to moving to Iceland is equality. Let’s narrow this down to gender equality. Which Iceland ranks first for. Iceland has commendably made remarkable progress toward equal opportunities for both genders both in private lives and in society at large. This is a source of pride for the Icelanders as the country is the front runner in the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap index for many several years.

Women’s rights defenders are doing a lot to challenge the men’s monopoly of power. This is not in isolation. They’re a direct result of academic, cultural, political, religious, social, awakening, that’s loud in Iceland. for example, Iceland is one of the Nordic countries where the welfare state is supportive of granting parental leave also to fathers. Subsequently, both mates have equal power and responsibility to run the home and share in the family responsibility.

7. Very Quiet And Peaceful

good reasons to live in Iceland
Dramatic scenery of Skogafoss waterfall flowing with woman standing in summer at Iceland

A country ranked one of the safest is automatically peaceful and a country that still preserves its open landscape leaving the awe-inspiring and super-abundant of fresh nature untouched is likely to be quiet. That’s Iceland you’ll get if you piece together what I earlier mentioned about safety and nature there. That alone provides plenty of reasons to moving to Iceland. Now this is from the global peace index.

Iceland has been named the most peaceful country year after year for over half a decade. Coming with its low crime rates are the peaceful political landscape and lower health risks. Your tranquility won’t be hindered by wild beasts. They’re rarely seen in Iceland. The country is no home for mosquitoes, ticks, snakes, bears, poisonous spiders and other dangerous animals. Thus, if you’re living in Iceland you can have peaceful treks around the highlands.

6. Community And Culture

good reasons to live in Iceland

The Icelandic culture is rich, varied and artsy. Its simplicity gives another good reasons to live in Iceland. Despite its small size, it’s rich in literature and other intellectual exercises such as dance, board games and operas. The country’s traditional arts include silversmithing, weaving and wood carving. There are professional theatres artists, symphony orchestras, art galleries, bookstores, cinemas and museums in the Icelandic communities.

The leisure can be enriched by the four active folk dance ensembles. You have no concerns about academics as the literacy rate in Iceland is among the highest in the world. There’s a strong sense of community in Iceland. Thanks to its small population it enables them to bond. With an amusing mix of old and new architecture and moderate social life in the country. You can find more reasons to reasons to live in Iceland.

5. Renewable Energy Resources

good reasons to live in Iceland
View of basalt stacks Reynisdrangar, black sand beach near Vik and violet lupine flowers and lonely church, South Iceland

In 2015, when the total electricity consumption in Iceland peaked at 18,798 gigawatt hours the question of how to generate that without polluting the environment didn’t rise. You know the reason, more than half of Iceland’s energy supply is derived from renewable resources. Hydroelectric energy generates the majority while geothermal sources take care of the rest.

One of the good reasons to live in Iceland is that you will be living in a country with an abundance of clean, renewable energy enabled by its wonderful geography and geology providing both hydro and geothermal resources. That’s why the country is a leader in renewable energy. As a result of this technology, Iceland doesn’t have to pollute its environment to provide energy. And the country’s economy can’t be easily manipulated by the petrodollar power.

4. Water

things to know before moving to iceland
Northern lights blazing over Lake Thingvellir National Park in Iceland

Iceland is an island entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The clustering and building point of storms and winds which batter the lonely country with sheets of rain sleet and snow. For that reason, water is an integral part of the Icelandic psyche. The last thing that can ever be scarce in Iceland is clean water. It’s the water that carves both the landscape and the character of the Icelanders.

Icelanders have always lived alongside the dominating power of water throughout the centuries of their settlement. From this, you can deduce another reason to moving to Iceland. At least to enjoy plenty of fish and witness long bouts of rain and snow storms. Iceland is a country where you can drink tap water with total rest of mind.

3. Very Easy To Find A Job

things to know before moving to iceland

Another one of the reasons to live in Iceland is the job opportunities. Foreigners can find jobs throughout the country in sectors of the economy such as hotels, bars, restaurants, biotechnology, energy, tourism, finance, it, child care, health care and agriculture to mention a few. And there are lots of seasonal jobs to pick up all year round even in remote areas of the country. The wages are competitive and are high enough to fetch you a high standard of living. Immigrants from the UK can testify to this.

2. Good Healthcare

things to know before moving to iceland

Did you know also that Icelanders are ranked by Bloomberg as the second healthiest people after Italians? Why in addition to those factors I mentioned earlier that can enhance good health. The country has a very good healthcare system. There is the principle of EHIC in Iceland. Which allows anyone with EU status to enjoy the same rights and access as Icelanders have to the state healthcare system.

The country’s health system is split into three tiers. Under the first tier doctors are employed to cover every division of the country. The second tier provides the regional health centers to care for more services outside the actual hospital setting. While the third tier is made up of the nation’s two hospitals. You can’t find it hard to find doctors but healthcare services can be expensive for people without EU status.

1. Education

moving to iceland

The 10th of the reasons to live in Iceland is that education in Iceland is very good, affordable and qualitative up to the university level. The schools are actually free from primary through high school. You pay only if you want after-school programs in the afternoon. For children from age 2, there are subsidized daycares. So that both parents can go to work. The educational system in the country is divided into four levels. Namely preschool, compulsory, upper secondary, and higher education. As it obtains in other Nordic countries. The compulsory education is for children aged 6 to 16 while most institutions are funded by the state. But there are a few privately owned but strictly regulated schools.

So what are you waiting for if you have been contemplating living in a more peaceful place in Europe and to avoid the stress common in bigger countries Iceland may be your best bet. You’re not likely to regret your decision to move down there more importantly. It’s the kind of place to enjoy your retirement.

I hope you like our article about the things to know before moving to Iceland and moving to Iceland… Feel free to comment more down below your idea and don’t hesitate to share or pin our article…

Let’s see some Iceland photos-

moving to iceland

good reasons to live in Iceland
Iceland Beauty Pageant

good reasons to live in Iceland

good reasons to live in Iceland
Iceland Beautiful Girl

good reasons to live in Iceland
View of Reynisfjara, a famous black sand beach on the South Coast of Iceland

good reasons to live in Iceland

reasons to live in iceland

reasons to live in iceland
Dramatic view of the raw mountain on the highway of the ring road and lupin flower blooming on the wayside in summer at Iceland

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