12 of the Most Fun Games To Play With Friends

Put an end to boredom and make lifelong memories. It’s possible to run out of things to chat about while you’re with your closest friends. When that happens, playing some enjoyable games with pals can make the gloomy moments happier. Playing games with your friends will strengthen your friendship and provide you a chance to laugh aloud together. Don’t bother looking at your smartphones the next time. Check out our post for a selection of fun games to play so you can enjoy your free time. Therefore, choose your favorite game and start having fun.

Games To Play With Friends Adults

Fun Games To Play With Friends

Best Games To Play With Friends

funny games to play with friends


1. Beer Pong

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Beer pong is one of the most popular games to play with friends. Most of your friends won’t need much convincing to play this game, and all of you will be pleasantly tipsy by the time it ends.

You will need:

*Plastic cups
*Ping-pong ball

How to play:

  1. Divide your friends into teams.
  2. Arrange six plastic cups on a table and fill them with beer up to the halfway mark.
  3. Each team takes turns in throwing the ping pong ball into the cups from the opposite side of the table.
  4. If your ball lands into a cup, a player from the other team drinks the beer in the cup.
  5. Next, they attempt to throw the ball.
    You will have more fun as the game progresses.

2. Cootie

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This game will make you laugh out loud right away if that’s what you’re searching for. The game is playable by people of all ages.

You will need:

*Sheets of paper
*One dice

How to play:

  1. The goal of the game is to draw a complete cootie bug.
  2. Assign different body parts to each number on the dice.
    For example, 1 = body, 2 = head, 3 = legs, 4 = eyes, 5 = antennae, 6 = lips or teeth.
  3. Divide the players into teams.
  4. Give each player a sheet of paper and a pencil.
  5. Players take turns in rolling the dice. They have to get the body and the head first to proceed.
  6. The players keep passing the dice until they get the body and the head.
  7. Next, they have to complete their bugs by drawing the other parts.
  8. If any player gets the same body part twice, they are out of the game.
  9. The first player to complete their bug is the winner.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

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This game is enjoyable and effective as an icebreaker. Players first sit or stand in a circle to begin the game.

Going in turns, each player will tell two truths and one lie. The other players will vote on which statement they believe is a lie. After everyone has voted, the player reveals which statement was a lie.

There are several variations of two truths and a lie. One common variation is to compel players to tell truths and lies about something personal to them.

Players in another variation are asked to share two truths and a dream wish. Any goal they have for the future can be their dream wish.

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4. Cops And Robbers Tag

All ages will love playing this entertaining variation of tag. The “Cops” and the “Robbers” are two different factions made up of gamers. Each team is given a starting point.

Select one or more items for the Robbers to try to steal next. The robbers will then try to touch or grab those items without being apprehended by a police officer.

If a cop successfully tags a robber, they are taken to jail (a designated area nearby).

The cops win if they successfully jail all of the robbers, while the robbers win if they successfully touch the objects or take them back to their home base.

Robbers can free fellow robbers by running to jail and tagging them back into the game (a prison break).

It’s also common to set a 10-foot “safety zone” around the objects to be stolen which the cops cannot enter. This prevents the cops from standing right next to the objects.

Cops are also prohibited from entering the robber’s home base. Watch a game of Cops and Robbers being played.

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5. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance 29 2

When played with a group of pals, this humorous game is a lot of fun. To begin, pick one member of the group to serve as the “DJ.”

They will be in control of the music that is being played. When music is playing, everyone will start dancing and jumping around.

Whenever the DJ stops the music, everyone must freeze in their current position.

If a player doesn’t freeze quickly enough, they are eliminated. The winner is the last person on the dance floor.

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6. Accent Game

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Play the accent game with your pals if you believe you are skilled at speaking in various accents. All you need to enjoy yourself greatly is your camera.

You will need:

*How to play:

  1. Each friend selects an accent and speaks in that accent for a minute.
  2. If you feel you cannot come up with something on such short notice, keep some books handy so that you can read out of it in the selected accent.
  3. Vote for the best player.

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7. Laughing Game

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Play this game with your buddies when they are all together to instantly brighten the mood. It’s always more fun to have buddies.

You will need:

*How to play:

  1. Each player lies on the floor with their head on the previous player’s stomach.
  2. The first player says something funny and tries to make the others laugh.
  3. The person who laughs is out of the game.
  4. If a player manages to keep a straight face throughout the game, they are the winner.

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8. Would You Rather

would you rather questions

Friends will have a lot of fun playing this game because it inspires creativity and produces some hilarious results.

Someone in the group asks a question of the other players that start with “Would You Rather”. The question gives the participants two possible options.

For example, they could ask “Would you rather not be able to open any closed doors or not be able to close any open doors?”.

Anyone answering must choose one option and explain why. The more weird, creative, crazy, or gross the options, the better!

Here is a list of Would You Rather questions to help you get started.

1. Would you rather the aliens that make first contact be robotic or organic?

Which would be less likely to wipe us off the face of the planet?

2. Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

If you strongly swing introvert or extrovert, this might be pretty easy for you.

3. Would you rather have a golden voice or a silver tongue?

To be honest, I just put this one in because I thought it has a nice ring to it. Nothing like some good idioms.

4. Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?

Built in blanket or +2 armor, which one will you choose?

5. Would you rather be in jail for a year or lose a year off your life?

Is a bad year worth living or is better to give up a year of your life?

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9. Who Am I ( Games 2023 )

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This game is ideal for the entire family and has straightforward rules. You will need some Post-it notes and some pens to play Who Am I.

Each player writes the name of a famous person on a Post-it note and attaches it to the forehead of the person next to them.

Make sure that the person doesn’t get to see what is written on the Post-it note.

Then, going in a clockwise direction, each player asks yes or no questions in an effort to discover which name is written on their Post-it note.

For example, a player might ask questions like “Am I still alive?”, “Was I born in the United States?”, “Am I an artist?”.

If the answer to a question is “yes”, they get to ask another question. If the answer is no, the next player gets their turn. The game continues until someone guesses the name on their post-it.

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10. Likes and Dislikes

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This game measures how well you and your pals get along. You’ll need some pens and index cards to play.

Everyone writes down 5 likes and 5 dislikes on their index card. These items can be food, music, movies, clothing, or anything else that you like or dislike.

After everyone has written on their card, collect the cards and shuffle them. Have someone read the likes and dislikes on each card and have the group vote on who wrote that card.

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11. Seven-Second Challenge

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The seven-second challenge’s concept is straightforward. It’s the execution that’s difficult. Prepare yourself for lots of laughs.

You will need:

*How to play:

  1. Select a player as a referee. They will also handle the timer.
  2. Each player gives another player a task.
  3. The players have to collect the things they need for the task beforehand.
  4. When the timer starts, each player has to complete the given task within seven seconds.
  5. The referee decides which player has completed the task well.

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12. Dizzy Challenge

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Here is another no-material required group activity. The more players there are, the better.

You will need:

How to play:

All players sit in a circle.
The players take turns standing in the center of the circle and spin eight times on the spot.
They are given a task, which they have to complete without falling.

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13. Stay Silent

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Easy as it may sound, keeping silent while in the company of your friends might be the most challenging thing you might ever do. Play this game that guarantees giggles and laughs.

You will need:

  • Timer

How to play:

  • Each player takes turns in keeping quiet. They are not allowed to utter a word.
  • You can also make new rules, such as not allowing them to nod or blink to communicate.
  • The other players try their best to make the silent player break their silence.
  • The player who maintains their silence for two minutes wins.

14. Truth Or Dare


This is quite a popular game for people of all age groups. The rules are simple, and the game guarantees unlimited fun.

You will need:

  • Empty bottle

How to play:

  • All players sit in a circle with the empty bottle lying in the center.
  • One of the players spins the bottle.
  • The player on whom the mouth of the bottle points needs to select either “Truth” or “Dare.”
  • If they choose ‘Truth,’ they will be asked a question by the other players. They must answer it truthfully, no matter how uncomfortable.
  • If they choose dare, they have to perform a task asked by the other players.

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15. Name That Song


This game will test the musical knowledge of your friends!  Start by creating a playlist of music that your friends may have probably heard before. Play a second or two of the beginning or middle section of the first song.  

Whoever raises their hand the fastest (or hits a pot with spoon) will get to guess the name of the song.

If they get it right, they get a point. If they get it wrong they lose a point.  If no one attempts to guess the song, play a longer excerpt. 

The first player to reach 10 points is the winner. You can have multiple friends make their own playlist so everyone gets a turn at guessing the songs.

16.  Whispers


If you have not played this game in school, you must play this now with your friends. It will help develop your communication skills.

You will need:

  • Friends

How to play:

  • All players stand in a line.
  • The first player says something to the second player. It may be a word or a sentence.
  • The second player says the same thing to the next player and so on.
  • The last player has to say what they heard out loud.
  • If it is the same as the thing the first player said, they all win.

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