Top 10 Best SUVs for Families 2023

Every year around this time, families start looking for new vehicles. Finding the ideal vehicle for your family can be a difficult challenge, though. It can be challenging to choose the best solution for you because there are so many different possibilities. We’ve created a list of the top 10 SUVs for families in light of this. Everyone in the family—from the children to Mom and Dad—will enjoy these autos. To learn more about Best SUVs for Families, continue reading…

Best SUVs For Families List

1. Nissan X-Trail

maxresdefault 4

How much will it cost: Starts at $36,750

The largest Nissan SUV in Europe will be completely redesigned in 2023. It is unusual in that it only uses three-cylinder engines. This is hardly good news for effortless driving, but for the e-Power hybrid variants at least, the opposite is true. On the road, the X-Trail is an easy-going companion. It suffers from a slightly crashy low-speed ride, but is very supple everywhere else, and even offers some dynamism in the corners.

Nissan claims that their new hybrid system, which only ever uses the engine to power a generator and drives the wheels with electric motors, offers an electric vehicle (EV) driving experience while also giving you the assurance that you can just fill up with gasoline. The X-Trail is a very easy automobile to drive because it approaches objects extremely closely. While efficiency on the highway is decent but might be better, it is superb around towns.

The new X-Trail is thoroughly thought out, even without the innovative powertrain. It’s a little bit smaller than vehicles like the Skoda Kodiaq or the Hyundai Santa Fe, but it still has the option of having seven seats. The second row is spacious, the back doors open in a 90-degree angle, and the boot capacity is competitive.

The X-Trail’s front end is reminiscent of the smaller Nissan Qashqai, which is a good thing because it makes it easier and less frustrating to operate the vehicle because there are large buttons for frequently used functions and the infotainment system is largely logical. Also quite pleasant are the front seats. This is one of the Best SUVs for Families.

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery 2020

How much will it cost: Starts at $43,300

The Discovery Sport is an entry-level Land Rover, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the capability, comfort, or charm that are synonymous with the brand. It costs quite a bit more than some of the other choices on our list.

The Discovery Sport received a facelift for 2019 and rides on the same PTA platform as the Range Rover Evoque, but it retains all of the qualities that we enjoyed about the original model. It offers improved visibility and is still higher riding than many of its rivals. The four-wheel-drive variants will also travel farther off-road than most owners will ever need, staying true to the Land Rover brand. However, it also has remarkably clean handling, with precise steering, strong body control, and unexpected agility.

Seven seats are offered in its functional interior for those who require them. The most recent Pivi Pro infotainment system and the current versions’ abundance of quality appeal help them resemble the company’s pricier Range Rover offerings.

The majority of gasoline and diesel engines have 48V mild hybrid support, but the P300e plug-in hybrid stands out due to its carefully constructed integration that enables a seamless transition between gasoline and electric power. However, its advertised EV range of 34 miles is no longer class-leading (and places it in the 12% BiK zone), and there isn’t a seven-seat option on this version due to the necessity to fit the motor and battery pack.

If you want a family SUV with more versatility and off-road ruggedness than the class average, the Discovery Sport delivers that with very few compromises. Still one of the best 4x4s by far.

3. Hyundai Santa Fe

2023 hyundai santa fe 107 64063299d5356
hyundai santa fe cabin front

How much will it cost: Starts at $34,250

Hyundai’s head-spinning transformation over the past ten or so years from a value-for-money bargain basement brand to a real premium participant nearly defies imagination. However, a quick glance around Santa Fe will show you exactly how far the South Korean company has come. This SUV, which won the 2022 Autocar Awards, has distinct styling, a roomy, elegant interior, and a variety of engine options, including a conventional diesel, a full hybrid, and a plug-in hybrid.

The Santa Fe’s interior, which combines a real upscale vibe with plenty of space, is the secret to its popularity. Contrary to many seven-seat competitors, the third row does provide space for adults, and entry is rather simple. There is a sizable boot as well, measuring in at a whopping 1649 liters when both of the second and third rows are folded flat and 571 liters with just five seats in place. Excellent materials of high caliber, a ton of standard equipment, and a good infotainment system all contribute to the high level of quality.

It works best with the venerable 2.2-liter diesel because it is a powerful engine that is excellent for towing and getting high mileage. Both plug-in and “self-charging” turbocharged 1.6-liter hybrid engines are available, with the plug-in offering 262 horsepower and a 36-mile all-electric range (missing out on the lowest PHEV company car tax rate of 8%).

Although the Hyundai Santa Fe isn’t the most exciting vehicle, it can’t be surpassed when it comes to family-friendly vehicles. You will also receive significantly more space and equipment for your money when compared to several competitors.

4. Volvo XC60

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2023 Volvo XC60 6

How much will it cost: Starts at  $44,545

Having been released in 2017, the XC60 is currently one of Volvo’s older models, yet it still looks great. Volvo made a lot of helpful adjustments that maintain it at the top of this list, even though the 2022 update provides for a fun game of identifying the differences.

Although the XC60 still falls short in terms of driver appeal, it still has a lot going for it as a sleek, cozy, and convenient family wagon. Since the engine lineup has been changed, all XC60 variations now provide some level of electrification. The 48V mild hybrid power used in the B-series petrol and diesel models allows for slight decreases in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and they continue to be the preferred option for private purchasers.

Company car drivers will be delighted by the recent upgrade to 18.8kWh for the Volvo XC60 T6 and T8 Recharge PHEVs, which gives them well over 40 miles of EV range and drops the benefit-in-kind rate to just 8%. If you want an SUV for making stylish and serene progress, look no further than the XC60.

5. BMW X3

2022 bmw x3 4dr suv xdrive30i fq oem 1 1600
2023 bmw x3 dashboard carbuzz 856647 1600

How much will it cost: Starts at $45,400

The BMW is actually a vehicle of opposites, ranging from the all-electric BMW iX3 at one end of the spectrum to the pretty massive 503bhp BMW X3 M at the other, and the BMW X3 xDrive 30e plug-in hybrid variant in the middle. Although the increasingly outmoded 3.0-liter straight-six diesel in the BMW X3 xDrive 30d is still unmatched for refined and efficient muscle, most people find that conventional four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines are best suited for the X3. Whichever X3 you choose, it will steer accurately and elegantly, but it prefers to cruise rather than be driven by its door handles.

As we’ve come to expect from BMW, the X3’s interior is elegant. Despite getting a redesign in 2021, it was exempt from BMW’s recent button purge. This means that it still includes the more comprehensible infotainment system from earlier models, along with a rotary iDrive controller and tactile climate control buttons.

The X3’s interior is elegant in the manner that we have come to expect from BMW. It received a redesign in 2021 but was exempt from BMW’s latest button purge. As a result, it still features the more lucid infotainment system from the past, complete with a rotary iDrive controller and real climate control buttons.

The car’s perceived quality is higher than that of almost all competitors, and it offers just enough space that you’ll never feel the need to leave stuff behind. Standard equipment is a little sparse on some trim levels. This is a roomy, adaptable, and fulfilling family SUV in every other way except for the lack of a seven-seat option (you’ll need the larger and more expensive BMW X5 for that). This is one of the Best SUVs for Families.

6. Skoda Kodiaq

maxresdefault 1 2
2022 Skoda Kodiaq interior dashboard 1280x640 1

How much will it cost: Starts at $45,490


2023 Skoda KodiaqSpecsPrice
RS (4X4) 180TSI2.0L, Premium Unleaded Petrol, 7 SPEED AUTO DIRECT SHIFT$69,290
Sportline (4X4) 132TSI2.0L, Premium Unleaded Petrol, 7 SPEED AUTO DIRECT SHIFT$56,090
Style (4X4) 132TSI2.0L, Premium Unleaded Petrol, 7 SPEED AUTO DIRECT SHIFT$51,490

Despite being one of the most established vehicles in the Skoda lineup, the Kodiaq will receive a facelift in 2021. As long as you’re careful with the choices, it will continue to be a great all-arounder. In instance, it offers a huge discount compared to even the most affordable “premium” options on this list.

What are you giving up, then? A few premium-feeling materials to start, though it’s not as much of a step down as you might imagine, and everything seems solidly screwed together. There are more upscale family SUVs than the Kodiaq, but few of them provide as much capacity for the money. Except for the base model, all Kodiaqs come standard with seven seats.

Even entry-level models handle well, with impressive quickness and serenity, and with a satisfying sense of connection because to the steering’s ability to make you believe the vehicle is smaller than it actually is. Up until the launch of its replacement in 2024, the Kodiaq won’t likely have electrified power. Its range of petrol and diesel engines, however, is surprisingly economical in the real world, which makes it less desirable as a company car. The Skoda Enyaq is a great choice if you want to drive an entirely electric vehicle, but it only has six seats.

7. Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F Pace 6
jaguar f pace plug in hybrid dashboard

How much will it cost: Starts at $52,400

Jaguar’s first SUV hit the market in 2016 with its customary good handling, ample interior space, and attractive appearance, catapulting it to the position of becoming Jaguar’s best-selling model until it was surpassed by the smaller Jaguar E-Pace.

In 2021, it had a makeover that was largely understated on the appearance but required Jaguar to completely redo the interior. And it worked well: the design now appears contemporary but elegant, and the overall impression of material quality is really nice. The considerably more user-friendly Pivi Pro system has also been installed to replace the previous, cumbersome infotainment.

A wider selection of engines are now available under the hood, including two mild-hybrid straight sixes, four-cylinder engines that are both gasoline and diesel and have four cylinders. The stylish Jaguar F-Pace P400e plug-in hybrid was further debuted with the makeover. The 2023 versions gain from a bigger, 19.2 kWh battery, which raises the stated EV range to 40.4 miles and moves the vehicle into the 8% BiK corporate car category. Initially, it was less capable of traveling farther than competitors, but this will change.

The go-faster Jaguar F-Pace SVR is an absolute riot and a fine example of a brilliantly executed performance SUV brimming with V8 drama, although its thirst and bombast mean you’ll have to happy to be marked out as a devotee of conspicuous consumption. This is one of the Best SUVs for Families.

8. Audi Q5

2023 audi q5 sportback carbuzz 883108
2023 audi q5 dashboard carbuzz 919744 1600

How much will it cost: Starts at $44,695

It’s difficult to find fault with an elegant and superb all-arounder like the Audi Q5, but its anemic handling will keep more experienced drivers away. Despite this flaw, the Q5 has managed to match the sales success of its predecessor, a vehicle that was the best-selling model in almost every nation where it was sold.

Despite being an expensive alternative, the Q5 has great driving refinement and material quality. It is also quiet, useful, and appealing. There is also an Audi Q5 Sportback with a swooping roof if you prefer your SUVs to have a little more beauty and less functionality.

With new digital technologies added to the cockpit, a broader trapezoidal grille added to the front end, and mild hybrid engines with increased economy, the Q5 underwent a fairly extensive redesign for 2020. The 2.0-liter petrol-powered Audi Q5 45 TFSI is a punchy and smooth machine, while the popular Audi Q5 40 TDI diesel model received a 14 bhp power boost as part of that modification and continues to be a refined, comfortable, assertive-performing, and easy-driving family car. Only the V6 diesel Audi SQ5 is available if you desire more than four engines.

With a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an electric motor working together to provide just under 300 horsepower, the 50 TFSIe plug-in hybrid is a very smooth driver. The Audi, with its 39-mile electric-only range, narrowly misses the lower 8% company car tax level, instead sliding into the higher 12% banding. This is one of the Best SUVs for Families.

9. Seat Tarraco

2019 SEAT Tarraco SE Tech TDi 4Drive SA 2.0 Front
Seat Tarraco interior front seats

How much will it cost: Starts at $39,900

The Seat Tarraco is Seat’s first attempt at a full-sized SUV, and it’s a pretty good-looking one. Being a Volkswagen Group product, this Spanish SUV shares practically everything with the Skoda Kodiaq, although, unlike its sibling, the Tarraco comes equipped with seven seats as standard across the range.

However, this sharper handling does seem to come at the sacrifice of rolling refinement and overall comfort. It does feel a little bit more incisive and agile than other SUVs of its size. There is a case to be made that comfort and refinement should take precedence in a vehicle like this. However, it is by no means unpleasant, and for any enthusiastic driver who has previously been forced to forgo enjoyment in favor of family-friendly practicality, the additional agility and ability will be welcomed.

The Kodiaq’s major drawback is that there are essentially no options for electrified powertrains because it is built on the same expanded, seven-seat version of the VW Group’s MQB platform. From a driving standpoint, that’s not a major concern, but given the popularity of these vehicles in the company car market, the absence of a PHEV is somewhat of a mistake.

10. Kia Sorento

2020 Kia Sorento 4 HEV AWD Automatic 1.6 Front
2023 Kia Sorento SX 71

How much will it cost: Starts at $30,090

Well, the Sorento has really come a long way since the bland, boxy original model that turned up in 2002, hasn’t it? On design appeal alone, this new fourth-generation model easily has what it takes to mix it with the genuine premium players in this class.

It ranks as one of the roomiest, most useful, and most adaptable vehicles on this list because of its expansive interior and seven-seat configuration. On the surface, it would seem that this attractive Korean SUV can do almost anything given its attractively low price.

While the car is quite ordinary in terms of dynamics, its conventional hybrid powertrain isn’t quite able to achieve the improvements in fuel efficiency you may anticipate to observe during regular daily driving. At a constant speed, it’s sophisticated and comfortable enough, but dig a little deeper, and it starts to show, especially in terms of body control, ride sophistication, and steering feel.

The Sorento does have an ace up its sleeve compared with other seven-seat SUVs like the Kodiaq and Tarraco: there’s a plug-in hybrid version that’s rated for 35 miles of EV range, putting it in the 12% BiK band. Together with the mechanically related Hyundai Santa Fe, it’s one of very few seven-seat PHEVs. As long as the battery is charged, this version also drives more assuredly than the regular hybrid. High-mileage drivers will still be better off with the diesel, though, which offers decent refinement and performance.



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