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(Greece) Greek women do not look like any European nation. They give a unique to this corner of the earth. The Greeks are represented as southerners with low growth, hot blood and typical Mediterranean appearance. The main thing they have are their eyes of bright turquoise color, resembling a sea wave in a clear sunny day. Greek Female Models (Greece)

The beauty of the Greeks is in their regular figures, which remind one of statues. Greeks are supposedly quieter than their neighbors in the Mediterranean, although this is simply an appearance. Greece is a nation of gods and heroes, as well as beautiful old statuary ruins and olive tree groves. They are regarded as the cradle of the arts and the source of traditional beauty.

Greek women have long been revered for their beauty, which was regarded as a gift from the gods and represented luck, health, and physical and mental stamina. Greek beauty standards include tidy lips, a high forehead, a straight nose, and a clear face shape. These statues from antiquity represent this. Greek women put forth a lot of work to maintain their health and beauty because not all of them were given the gods’ ideal appearance.

The hot heat is mirrored in the customs and behaviors, however, despite the southern disposition, Greek women are more controlled and special. There are a select few girls among them who have the perfect physique and face attributes, but they are also pleasant, amiable, sweet, and forthright.

Greek women know a lot about make-up, every one of them knows how in a few minutes they can turn into beauties. The capital resident never leaves the house without make-up, even in the early morning. In every woman’s purse there are always bronzing powder, eyeliner and bright lipstick. juice of parsley. The skin becomes soft and tender.

Like all Southern ladies, Greek women frequently have lower body obesity. To maintain their shape, they use a simple approach. They eat properly during the week and take full advantage of Weekends off. Greek ladies favor wholesome, low-fat cuisine.

Olive oil is, incidentally, utilized worldwide. That might be referred to as their main beauty trick. Greek women, in particular, value natural, home-made cosmetics derived from recipes passed down from their grandmothers. They get a sense of being similar to a Greek goddess.

Iliana Papageorgiou

ilianapapageorgiou 326763134 1221016381840514 817173584621465291 n

Iliana is a famous beauty and model in Greece. She started off her career large and quickly after winning the Miss Grecia title. Later, she began working with several modeling agencies. She even went to represent her country at Miss Universe. Iliana’s smile and charming personality often set her apart from the other contemporaries. Her lovely simple look is filled with mesmerizing beauty and alluring appearances. Greek Female Models

Tonia Sotiropoulou

toniasotiropoulou 241557559 253298509993434 5821008190551954995 n

Tonia is a Greek actress born in Greece. She is an acting queen, working busily with projects and several commercials in both Greece and UK. Tonia is often referred to as a beauty queen, given her impressive looks. In addition, she is a fitness freak and is often seen as heavily busy with work, fitness, and social life. Greek Female Models

Ria Antoniou

riaantoniou 13151130 504688836405066 1098955689 n

Greek women are famous for their fantastic height. Well, we can’t ignore that either! Ria Antoniou is another beautiful, stylish woman from Greece. Her hot and sexy vibes, attractive looks, and alluring, charming smile captures us. Ria won several beauty contests in Greece too and represented the country in several pageants across the globe. Greek Female Models

Georgia Salpa

georgiapenna 60235009 215827626050706 900670034825694563 n

If you follow Big Brother, you may already know Georgia Salpa. The Greek glamorous beauty is a popular model and TV celebrity from Greece. Georgia entered modeling career and industry right from the time she was in schooling and worked with several fashion agencies, magazines, and covers. She is even named among the 100 sexiest women alive by FHM. Greek Female Models

Betty Kourakou

kkoliousis 248477012 611304823230845 6298552289533741941 n

Eye Color- Brown – Dark

Hair Color- Black

Nationality- Greek

Occupation- Model

Maria Tsagkaraki

tsagkaraki 292921022 719606065786893 4583648667260127338 n

It is a cute and sexy Greek model, Maria Tsagkaraki. She looks hot in any costume. She is the winner of the Miss Greece International event and Miss Greece World contest of the years 2010 and 2012 respectively. She did her graduation in philosophy.

Maria is a very interesting person with some of lovely hobbies such as riding, reading, and swimming. She has a nice height and when we walk on the ramp, she looks diva. Greek Female Models.

Loanna Triantafyllidou

ioannatri 269734729 1228694197635098 8838107875895544542 n

Actress Joanna Fyllidou is a native of Greece. Joanna received her training at the National Theater of Northern Greece, and she quickly made a name for herself as a leading lady by securing a series regular part in the very first TV show she tried out for,

Since then, she has gained enormous popularity in Greece through theater, film, television, and the Finnish movie “The Isle of Secrets,” which has won multiple awards at international film festivals. Talented in dancing and singing , Joanna also performed lead roles in musicals such as “Dirty Rotter Scoundrels” and “Fiddler on the Roof” directed by Rob Ruggiero.

In 2018, she hosted “Bake Off Greece” , the Greek version of BBC’s “The Great British Bake Off” which was created for the first time in Greece. Greek Female Models.

Katerina Papoutsaki

katerina papoutsaki 285773036 1472128759910034 8202708117422723941 n

Katerina Papoutsaki was born on 25 January 1979 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress, known for After Party (2019), Ta Kalytera mas Hronia (2020), and 10i Entoli (2004). Born January 25, 1979. Greek Female Models

Zeta Makrypoulia

zeta makripoulia official 196844906 1171208430016880 8684171186186326368 n

Zeta Makrypoulia is the Ho*ttest model, actress, fashion designer and beautiful television anchor from Greece. He was born in July 1978 in Athens, a very famous city in Greece. He has appeared in many television programs, such as Horismenoi me Paidia, Sto Para Pente, Dancing with the Stars, etc. In addition, he has worked e.g. In movies like Molis Horisa, G-Force, etc. Greek Female Models

Katerina Geronikolou

katerina geronikolou 172023581 1556062961520779 1709895303208463674 n

Katerina Geronikolou is known for Smyrna (2021), The Wedding Veil Journey (2023), and …gia Panta (2020). Greek Female Models

Danai Pappa

danouuz 140654084 4328272943855959 6974584233455469996 n

Danai Pappa is known for Sasmos (2021), To tatouaz (2017) and 8 lexeis (2019) Greek Female Models

Evaggelia Aravani

evagelia aravani 65866704 2606957066198450 8613978008227637551 n

Beautiful television host and fashion model Evangelia Aravani was born in Lefkada, Greece, on November 29, 1985. In his career, he has participated in numerous movies and television shows. She won the Miss Star Hellas title in 2005 and was chosen to represent Greece in the Miss Universe 2005 pageant, where she finished in eleventh place.

Evangelia Aravani, who is sixth on the list most attractive Greek women, is one of the ho****ttest and most attractive ladies in the nation. He is also one of Greece’s most well-known and attractive celebrities. Greek Female Models.

Helena Paparizou

helenapaparizouofficial 332729316 5337677892999165 9173713824407332245 n

One of the most attractive ladies in the nation is regarded to be Elena Paparizou, who represented Greece in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. She has received accolades for her striking looks and stunning body and has been named among many lists of Greece’s most attractive women.

Paparizou was born in 1982, and in 1999, she started her singing career. She became well-known after putting out several hit albums and competing for Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, Paparizou has had a very successful career and has sold millions of records all over the world.

In addition to her musical success, Paparizou is also widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Greece. She has been praised for her striking features and gorgeous figure, and has appeared on numerous lists of the most beautiful women in the country. Greek Female Models.

Katerina Kainourgiou

katken85 317008666 542641863950431 8436358281742174316 n

Katerina Kainourgiou is known for In the Nick of Time (2005), Onirama: Oi fovoi tou prigipa (ena emeis) (2009), and Nino: Theos (2010). Greek Female Models

Jenny Theona

jennytheona 207998262 190439299677327 1501326608926349101 n

Jenny Theona was born on 8 February 1983 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress, known for O Thanatos pou onireftika (2010), Ta kalytera mas hronia (2020), and Saison Morte (2021). Greek Female Models

Sofina Lazaraki

sofinalazaraki fan page 28763885 356684818164348 7096090235682947072 n

Sofina Lazaraki is known for Parthena Zoi (2017) and Sto Rafi… (2013). Greek Female Models

Mary Sinatsaki

mairiboo 222810403 325359345966750 6915010131231656373 n

Born: December 27, 1984 (age 38 years), Kallithea, Greece.

Height: 1.67 m

Education: Library & Information Centre of Panteion University.

Dimitra Matsouka

dimitra matsouka official 83407289 1541215339365707 3013660907799175386 n

Dimitra Matsouka was born on 19 January 1974 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress, known for Oi sklavoi sta desma tous (2008), Neutrino (1999) and Risotto (2000). Greek Female Models

Josephine Wendel

josephinewendel 279100852 299601222352358 4841360691814724740 n

Born: August 22, 1990 (age 32 years), Athens, Greece

Jessica Josephine Wendel, also known as simply Josephine, is a Greek pop singer. She is known for her participation in the Greek national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song “Dancing Night”. Wendel has also competed in the Greek edition of the Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Pinelopi Plaka

pinelopiplaka 217938320 559767488378983 3218083176735475861 n

Pinelopi Plaka was born on 7 November 1991 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is an actress, known for Peta ti friteza (2018), Haireta mou ton platano (2020) and O Klearhos, i Marina & o Kontos (2015). BornNovember 7, 1991. BornNovember 7, 1991. Greek Female Models

Loanna Ntenti

ioannantenti 104295641 272524193959668 209403732773110178 n

1.74 height

85 bust

59 waist

89 hips

38 shoes

blond hair

brown eyes…

Eleni Tsolaki

elenitsolaki 330161393 182975531032863 5868205908210015497 n

TV show host who is the weathercaster of a Greek news station. She was written up in the Pappas Post in 2017 for the enthusiasm she brings to her job. She has 200,000 followers on her Elenitsolaki Instagram account.

Before Fame
Her first YouTube video was posted in November 2016. It has over 25,000 views and was titled “ 10 things you do not have to do when you break up.”

She made to the cover of Forma Magazine in May 2015.

Evi Daelli

evidaeliofficial 21435512 157658164815188 7944232017627971584 n

Born: 1995 (age 28 years), Athens, Greece

Education: Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών.

Amalia Kostopoulou

notrealamalia 294360793 778382646677577 2854777454622881986 n

Born: May 11, 1997 (age 25 years)

Parents: Jenny Balatsinou, Petros Kostopoulos.

Evgenia Dimitropoulou

evgeniadimitropoulou 241237675 1285875125180264 2630248568682208087 n

Evgenia Dimitropoulou is an actress, known for The Two Faces of January (2014), Short Fuse (2016) and Ilios (2020). Greek Female Models.

Antonia Kalimoukou

kallimoukaki 120031627 3275547215900812 5739743067186983842 n

Antonia Kallimoukou is known for Peninta-peninta (2005) and Eleni (2011). Greek Female Models

Evagelia Siriopoulou

evagelia siriopoulou 73446497 469204203696988 843817760029712184 n

Evagelia Siriopoulou is an actress, known for Aigaio SOS (2018), Ela sti thesi mou (2016) and Teleioi xenoi (2016). Read More. Greek Female Models

Doukissa Nomikou

dutchesss 271826018 1565771360470022 7960021165072116565 n

Another stunning and fashionable Greek star is here. A well-known Greek model, actress, and celebrity is Doukissa. Doukissa is distinguished by her impressive height, blonde hair, and alluring good looks. Doukissa, in fact, had already represented the nation at Miss Universe. We are definitely brilliant and straightened out by her structure, beauty, and feminine appeal. We wager that her charm will also win you over. Greek Female Models

Athina Oikonomakou

athinao1konomakou 221416810 358438682389787 3202826023503696581 n

Athina is a multi-talented woman famous for her acting career, business enterprise, and television figure. She is charming and quite beautiful with her facial features and smiles wide covered with dimples. The beauty also is famous on her social media and active with appearing in public. Greek Female Models

Natali Thanou

natali thanou 149123333 453331799122679 6190862313452778559 n

Natali Thanou is a vocalist as well as a model. She was noted for her flawlessly toned body, gorgeous hair, attractive features, and youthful appearance. She was born in Serbia and lived in Greece. She also loves working out and is known for being active in public. Greek Female Models

Katerina Stikoudi

stikoudikaterin 332962977 176350175107194 1800513370853299413 n

We must not overlook Katerina Stikoudi’s stunning appearance. With her wavy hair, experimental style, and daring appearance, Katerina is a lovely beauty. She is also a Greek actress, model, athlete, and TV host. Katerina, who represented Greece in Miss World, is unquestionably one of the most attractive ladies in Greece. Her daring appearances, styles, and beauty do undoubtedly entice us. She is one of the well-known Greek female celebrities. Greek Female Models

Ekaterine (Katia) Zygouli

katiazygouli 165889330 124724222955155 1684277359602461824 n

Ekaterine (Katia) Zygouli (Greek: Κάτια Ζυγούλη ), born July 4, 1978, is a Greek fashion model and occasional actress.

  • Greek actresses.
  • Greek Female Models

Ismini Dafopoulou

is mini 311009085 491823882987606 1886003627919646382 n

Ismini Dafopoulou (Greek: Ισμήνη Νταφοπούλου, born October 4, 1989) is a Greek model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Star Hellas 2014 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. Greek Female Models

Mikaela Eleni Fotiadi 

mikaelafotiadi.mamamika 101684568 175673157220494 7032063828180171291 n

Mikaela Eleni Fotiadi (born December 26, 1993) is a Greek–Dutch model. In 2015, she was crowned Star Hellas and represented her country at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. In 2016, she was crowned Miss Europe World in Lebanon. Greek Female Models

Maria Psilou 

maria psilou 125351550 829266377897005 2906572343594574024 n

Maria Psilou (Greek: Μαρία Ψηλού) (born 7 February 1997) is a Greek model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Star Hellas 2017 and represented Greece at Miss World 2017 and Miss Supranational 2018 pageant. Greek Female Models

Olga Farmaki

olgafarmaki 77045127 512254329648553 521381375591843686 n

August 1985 saw the birth of Greece’s sexiest beauty queen. Olga Farmaki, a stunning Greek woman, is who she is. At a height of 5 feet 8 inches, she is one of the sexiest Greek models and a stunning TV personality.

Olga Farmaki is a well-known and incredibly fascinating Greek individual. She is moreover one of Greece’s most attractive celebrities. She claims that she is so stunning that even the girls are smitten with her. She is most well-known for her seductive and audacious social media posts on sites like Facebook and Instagram. She is deserving of being placed among the top 10 most attractive women in Greece for this reason. Greek Female Models.

Thomai Apergi

thomaiapergiofficial 53209089 429288577808238 2615798775582633127 n

Greek vocalist Thomai Apergi performs music. She is ranked second on our list of the most attractive Greek women. She not only works in the entertainment sector but is a well-known philanthropist who supports numerous charities in Greece.

Thomai is regarded as one of Greece’s most attractive ladies and has appeared on a number of magazine covers and in commercials. Her beautiful features and statuesque figure give her a timeless, classic attractiveness. She is renowned for having grace and style, always seeming sophisticated and chic whether she is on the red carpet or simply out and about. Greek Female Models.

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