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Miss Universe Germany is a national Beauty pageant in Germany to selects an official candidate for the Miss Universe pageant.

Germany’s golden years at the Miss Universe competition were from 1952–1961. Renate Hoy, the first German representative at Miss Universe, placed fourth in 1952, while Gerti Daub placed fourth and was named Miss Photogenic in the 1957 competition. In 1954 and 1955, the nation won back-to-back third-runner-up titles. Miss Universe 1956’s First Runner Up was Marina Orschel. In 1961, Marlene Schmidt was crowned Miss Universe. And also let’s see what’s about miss universe germany costume.

Miss Universe Germany 2023

Kira Geiss

Miss Germany Awardshow 2023 Europapark Rust

The finale of Miss Germany 2023 was held at the Europa-Park Arena in Rust, Germany on Saturday, 4th March 2023 where Kira Geiss was crowned the new queen. Kira succeeds and was crowned by Miss Germany 2022 Domitila Barros, a Brazilian social entrepreneur and actress from Berlin.

Kira Geiss is a visual merchandiser who is 20 years old. The gorgeous German woman is a theology student from Magdeburg who hopes to become a religious and community educator. To win the national championship, Kira defeated nine other competitors.

“Yesterday was a lovely evening for all of us,” the Miss Germany organization wrote on their official social media. Kira Geiss, a poised representative of all candidates’ interests who courageously stands up for both herself and others, was chosen as Miss Germany. She has realized that her voice has the power to change things.

Miss Universe Germany 2022

Soraya Kohlmann

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Soraya Kohlmann is a 24 year old business owner, Pilates trainer, and model. She has a love for animals and the environment and has been a vegetarian since the age of two years old and a vegan since the age of twelve.

She learned to dance ballet, Latin, and jazz and also practices cheer dance. She believes that having a positive mindset and a grateful heart are the keys to having a fulfilled, successful, and happy life.

  • Soraya Kohlmann was born and raised in Leipzig
  • She graduated from high school with Abitur and her own business in the beauty industry
  • She now has her own beauty/cosmetic salon and work besides this as a model and Pilates trainer
  • Soraya Kohlmann was Miss Germany 2017
  • She is very passionate about animals. 12 years ago she became vegetarian and one year ago vegan.
  • She is very interested in spreading awareness about how can we as humans conserve the resources on our planet and about how we can improve our health through proper nutrition.
  • Soraya Kohlmann wants to send a message in Miss Universe Germany about happiness and inner greatness and how we can improve our life and others lives with the right mindset. Miss Universe Germany

Miss Universe Germany 2021

Hannah Seifer

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She is 21 years old and lives in Düsseldorf. Her father is German and her mother Colombian. She is fluent in German, Spanish and English. She is currently training to be an actor and would like to study journalism later – she likes to travel and is very animal-friendly.

Miss Universe Germany 2019

Miriam Rautert

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Miriam Rautert is a German model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Germany 2019. She represented Germany at the Miss Universe 2019 pageant. In 2021, she became a contestant in Germany’s Next Topmodel (season 16).

By becoming the first black Miss Universe Germany, she has achieved history. Miriam was born in 1996, is 165 cm tall, and is of mixed German and Trinidadian ancestry. Miriam is a sports enthusiast, model, storyteller, and honest diva who who enjoys dining out and dreaming big. She also earned her journalism bachelor’s degree.

Miss Universe Germany 2018

Céline Willers

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At the grand finale of Miss Universe Germany 2018 held on 19th August 2018, Céline Willers was crowned as the winner. The diva was crowned by her predecessor Miss Universe Germany 2017 Sophia Koch.

Céline has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and a Master of Arts in Corporate Communication. She works for the company named Ernest & Young. She is also experienced in acting as she had a role in a popular German children’s TV show.

Céline has had previous experience in the pageant world as a participant in Miss Germany 2015 and she was also a part of Angelopedia’s Miss Universe Germany 2018 top 5 favourite contestants.

Miss Universe Germany 2017

Sophia Koch

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Sophia Koch is 25 years of age and stands tall at 170 cm. She represented the province of Saxony-Anhalt in the competition. Sophia, besides being a professional model, is a student of sociology and German literature at Martin Luther University. With almost perfect facial features and an hourglass figure, she will surely make a positive impression at Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Germany has won the Miss Universe title only once, and that was way back in the year 1961 with Marlene Schmidt from Germany becoming Miss Universe 1961. 56 years later, Sophia would like to change that count for her country!

Miss Universe Germany 2016

Johanna Acs

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The splendid finale of Miss Universe Germany 2016 concluded with the crowning of 24 years old Johanna Acs. Johanna represented Germany at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. Johanna is a smart and open minded girl, with an envious figure and a waist to die for Johanna is a complete package.

Standing tall at an astounding height of 178cm, this 24 years old beauty queen is a student of Textile and Clothing Management and has traveled to over 50 countries worldwide. Mostly backpacking she had the chance to get deep insights into different cultures around the world. Johanna also learned about the negative side effects of globalization, which led her to the subject of her master thesis: ‘Exploitation in the fashion industry’.

Her open-minded perspective and commitment to social causes are what won the judges’ hearts. A true Miss Universe Germany, according to the Organization, should not only be attractive but also dedicated to her social responsibilities.

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