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Andrew Tate Motivation- You must be in the top 10%, especially as a man. All the women want the top ten percent all the money goes to the top 10% or the status goes to the top 10%. You cannot be a normal man anymore.

Andrew Tate Motivation- When it comes to life it’s easy to keep winning you have to keep the momentum upright. It’s hard to get going but once you get going, you have to keep it up. So just make sure you never lose it don’t fall off don’t do anything stupid.

It’s pretty easy to win if you never lose and you’ll be fine. I say I started making a lot of money when I was maybe 27 or 28. But my life was always on track bro I never had a big mistake. I never had a bad period and had to reform. I never made any large mistakes.

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Andrew Tate- I did the right thing every single day after day I knew what I was supposed to do. I think the universe is very giving and if you’re the kind of person who turns up on time and works hard and does what they’re supposed to do and is never lazy.

Then it’s always going to give you what you want. I’ve yet to see somebody who tries their best to get something and genuinely gives it their all and doesn’t get it. I’ve never seen it so I think you can have anything you want in the world It’s just a matter of what you truly want and what you want to say you want it.

And also I think a lot of its player versus player out here in the world every dollar you want, every girl you want, every car you want, somebody else wants and we’re fortunate that a lot of people talk about wanting things and I think a lot of people are brutally lazy you can outwork 95% of people by just simply working harder than them. You can have anything you want.

but as a man, you must go through a process of discovering what is true and what is false about the world and developing absolutely not our competency. So you can out-compete other men. Don’t you wake up and think how do I become the best man on the planet? Don’t you wake up and look at yourself deep in your own eyes in the mirror and say how do I become the most fearsome competitor on the face of the planet.


Andrew Tate Motivation- How do I become that guy nobody wants to be against? I don’t think anything good in life happens by accident. If you find a person who’s in fantastic shape and you say to them how did you get in such good shape they very rarely say, oops I don’t know it just came to me. They say I had to get up and plan for it and train specifically and eat specifically and do specific things to end up looking this way.

Andrew Tate Motivation- They had to try very hard for it. Don’t say oops I just got rich it was an accident. I don’t know you just said, you’re a normal man let me explain something the normal man is not acceptable in this hyper-competitive world. Normal means in the middle is not good enough you must be the top 10%, top 10%, especially as a man. All the women want the top 10%. All the money goes to the top 10% or the state is supposed to be the top 10%.

Andrew Tate- You cannot be a normal man anymore. Perhaps 50, 60 years ago you could be a normal man with a normal job have a normal life and a normal life in a normal house or normal car and be happy but the world we are now living in is proving that being a normal man is nothing more than slavery. They’ve just proven it to all of us listen to me carefully this is proof that in his last three years of this imaginary garbage.

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They were locking us all up for. Being a normal law-abiding citizen with a normal income and a normal wage, one passport and a normal wife is gonna leave you depressed. Sooner or later she is gonna leave you. You are gonna end up suicidal and miserable. Only men on this Earth who are happy in the modern world of hyper-competitiveness are exceptional individuals.

I mean every single woman wants to know the famously rich and super important tall strong handsome top G is being a normal dude ain’t gonna cut it. You know the problem of being a normal dude. I’ll tell you the problem if you’re a normal guy your chick f..k normal guys.

Guess what that means, it means everyone’s competition. The guy who delivered your pizza might just take your bi..h. Is that the life you want to live? No. Don’t focus on the girl, focus on yourself.

If you’re worried about the girl and not worried about yourself you’ll be wasting time and energy, right? It’s easy if you had to win a race. Abraham Lincoln said, if I had six hours to chop down a tree I’d spend the first five hours sharpening my ax.

Same with nearly everything in life the better you become as a man the easier everything else becomes. We’re all on a continuous Journey for self-improvement and if you try your absolute best every single day then you don’t have to look at what’s bad about yourself.

Andrew Tate- It’s not about where you currently are it’s about where you’re headed. The path I’m headed on is the same path that I’ve always been headed on. I’ve never made any large mistakes in my life. I’ve never been the guy who was a drug addict and went to rehab or the guy who was depressed and became better.

I’ve always been the person who woke up every day did what he was supposed to do tried his hardest was honest never lied it was on time worked hard and got exactly where I wanted to be in life and now the entire world is mine.


Andrew Tate – I’m the most googled person on the planet with hundreds of millions of dollars. I am the top G and the way I am headed I’m going to do nothing but continued my Ascent into absolute achievement this is who I am as a person because of my daily habits.

So I can sit and say yeah there are some areas in me I would like to improve but I know that’s going to happen naturally during the course of my life because I don’t make mistakes. I don’t take days off. I don’t lay in bed. I don’t eat s..t food. I don’t do any of that crap.

Andrew Tate- Every single day is a day where I become a tiny bit better and as that compounds across my life. I’m going to die as the greatest human, the greatest individual to have ever lived on the planet. Relationships between people is always going to be a value exchange. There’s no such thing unless you’re being used like a fool of you having all the value and the person the people next to you having no value to add to your lives.

Even the friends you talk to they make you laugh. So they give you value, right, So by extension. How do you get good people around you? Think about it it’s a value exchange, right? You want to have good people around you. Every relationship in the world is built on an exchange of value. So how do you end up having good people around you? You have to be a good person. Good people have good people around them. Bad people have bad people around them.

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True or false, facts. You look at Thief who are his friends, thief. Because he can’t hang around with good people because he’s stolen from them. So my circle is solid and they are good valuable assets to me because I am a good valuable asset to them.

The better a person you become, if you were to embark on this journey of self-discovery like we’ve just described you would start taking your life very seriously. There would be people who would come into your life who would be new and there’d be people who fall out of your life. Guess, who’s going to fall out, the bad people.

Andrew Tate- Who are wasting your time, wasting your life and the people who would become joined into your life would be the people you’re training with? People who want to time Mount Everest with you Etc. The better you become as a person the better your circle becomes which is why when people send me questions and I get this a lot. Hey Andrew you know my friend did this to me, my friend stole my girl some bul.s..t.

Andrew Tate- Well if you’re hanging around with losers guess what, you are a loser. If you’re hanging around with snakes guess what, you are snake a snake. There are no snakes in my circle there are no losers in my circle the best way to have a good circle is to be a good person life is very simple and it will fix itself if you do the work.

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