Kings Of Denmark | 1326 – 2023 | The Greatest Danish Emperors And Kings

The Danish monarchy has existed for more than 1,000 years and is among the oldest royal houses in the world. Read about Kings Of Denmark. Did you know that the wireless technology Bluetooth is named after King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark (958-985). The monarchy of Denmark nowadays doesn’t put much emphasis on ceremony or splendor. The Royal Family’s children attend regular public schools, while the adults can frequently be seen dining out, shopping, or riding bicycles in public just like any other Dane.

However, both domestically and internationally, the Royal Family has a significant symbolic role. In Denmark, people support charitable endeavors and host dignitaries from other countries at lavish state dinners. They travel to the Faroe Islands and Greenland, both of which are a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They are in charge of delegations that represent Denmark abroad and promote Danish goods and companies.

According to the Danish constitution, the monarch of Denmark only has a minor involvement in the country’s administration. Following a national election, the newly formed coalition of ruling parties submits a proposed government for the monarch’s approval, at which point the new administration is formally installed. Each new law passed by the Danish parliament, the Folketing, receives the monarch’s ceremonial approbation in addition to each new Danish citizen.

30. Valdemar III 1326-1329

Valdemar Sejr kongefrisen

Born: 1314

Died: 1364

While still a minor, Valdemar III ruled Denmark as King from 1326 to 1329. In addition, he served as Duke of Schleswig from 1325 to 1326 and from 1330 to 1364 as Valdemar V. His subjects largely opposed him since he was a rival monarch who had been installed to succeed Christopher II. Upon abdication, his term was over.

29. Christopher II 1329-1332

Image Christoph II. von Baden

Born: September 29, 1276

Died: August 2, 1332

From 1320 to 1326 and again from 1329 till his demise, Christopher II ruled Denmark. He was Eric V’s younger son. Given that the Danish state almost completely disintegrated under his tenure, his name is associated with a national catastrophe.

28. ///Interregnum\\\ 1332-1340

(A period when the normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes.)

27. Valdemar IV Atterdag 1340-1375

Waldemar IV Otherday of Denmark c 1375 crop

Born: 1320

Died: October 24, 1375

From 1340 to 1375, Valdemar IV Atterdag—also known as Waldemar—ruled Denmark. He is best recognized for bringing Denmark back together after previous rulers had bankrupted it and mortgaged the nation to pay for wars.

26. Olaf II 1376-1387 (Oluf II)


Born: December 1370

Died: August 3, 1387,

Olaf II of Denmark reigned as Olaf II of Denmark beginning in 1376 and as Olaf IV of Norway beginning in 1380 until his death. Olaf was the grandson of kings Magnus IV of Sweden and Valdemar IV of Denmark and the son of Queen Margaret I of Denmark and King Haakon VI of Norway.

25. Margrete I 1387-1412


Born: March 1353

Died: October 28, 1412

From 1387 until her death, Margaret I was the Queen Regent of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. She also founded the Kalmar Union, which for more than a century united the Scandinavian kingdoms. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

24. Eric of Pomerania 1412-1439

Erik I 1382 1459 hertig av Pommern konung av Danmark Norge och Sverige Nationalmuseum 15058.tif

Born: 1381

Died: September 24, 1459

From 1412 to 1439, when his grandaunt, Queen Margaret I, died, Eric of Pomerania took over as king. He is known as Eric III as King of Norway, Eric VII as King of Denmark and has been called Eric XIII as King of Sweden. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

23. Christopher of Bavaria 1440-1448

230px Christopher of Bavaria

Born: February 26, 1416

Died: January 6, 1448

Christopher of Bavaria was King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway during the era of the Kalmar Union. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

22. Christian I 1448-1481

Christian I of Denmark Norway Sweden 1440s

Born: February 1426

Died: May 21, 1481

The Kalmar Union’s Christian I was a German nobility and Scandinavian emperor. He reigned as king over Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. He served as the Duke of Schleswig and the count of Holstein from 1460 to 1481. He was the first ruler of the Oldenburg House. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

21. John 1482-1513


Born: February 2, 1455

Died: February 20, 1513

Under the Kalmar Union, John was a Scandinavian king. As John II, he ruled Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. He jointly ruled Schleswig and Holstein with his brother Frederick from 1482 until 1513 while serving as Duke of both.

20. Christian II 1513-1523

Lucas Cranach I Bildnis Christians II. Konig von Danemark MbK Leipzig

Born: July 1, 1481

Died: January 25, 1559

Under the Kalmar Union, Christian II ruled as king of Sweden from 1520 to 1521, as well as Denmark and Norway, from 1513 to 1523. He shared sovereignty as Duke of Schleswig and Holstein with his uncle Frederick from 1513 to 1523.

19. Frederik I 1523-1533


Born: October 7, 1471

Died: April 10, 1533, 

Denmark and Norway both had a king named Frederick I. Upon the adoption of Lutheranism by succeeding kings following the Protestant Reformation, he was the final Roman Catholic monarch to rule over Denmark and Norway. As king of Norway, Frederick is most remarkable in never having visited the country and was never crowned as such.

18. ///Interregnum\\\ 1533-1534

(A period when the normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes.)

17. Christian III 1534-1559

Christian III of Denmark

Born: August 12, 1503

Died: January 1, 1559

From 1534 until his death in 1559, Christian III ruled as both king of Denmark and Norway. Christian forged strong relations between the church and the monarchy during his rule. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

16. Frederik II 1559-1588

Frederik 2 profil e1422623073684 480x400 1

Born: July 1, 1534

Died: April 4, 1588

From 1559 until his death in 1559, Frederick II reigned as King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Schleswig and Holstein. Frederick, an Oldenburg family member, ruled Denmark and Norway on his own at the age of 24.

15. Christian IV 1588-1648

Christian IV Pieter Isaacsz 1612

Born: April 12, 1577

Died: February 28, 1648

From 1588 until his passing in 1648, Christian IV reigned as King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Holstein and Schleswig. His 59 years, 330 days of rule make it the longest among Scandinavian and Danish kings. Christian, a descendant of the Oldenburg family, commenced his personal rule over Denmark in 1596 at the age of 19.

14. Frederik III 1648-1670

Frederik 3 profilny 480x400 1

Born: March 18, 1609

Died: February 9, 1670

From 1648 until his death in 1670, Frederick III ruled over both Denmark and Norway. The Prince-Bishopric of Verden and the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen were administered by him as diocesan administrator under the name Frederick II.

13. Christian V 1670-1699

Christian V Konig – Celler Schloss

Born: April 15, 1646

Died: August 25, 1699

From 1670 until his passing in 1699, Christian V ruled both Denmark and Norway. He was the first absolute monarch to be crowned at Frederiksborg Castle Chapel since the law established the king’s authority in Denmark-Norway. He was well-liked by the populace.

12. Frederik IV 1699-1730

Frederik 4 profil e1421849797951 480x400 1

Born: October 11, 1671

Died: October 12, 1730

From 1699 until his death, Frederick IV reigned as king of Denmark and Norway. The parents of Frederick were Christian V of Denmark-Norway and his wife Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

11. Christian VI 1730-1746

Christian VI King of Denmark

Born: November 30, 1699

Died: August 6, 1746

From 1730 to 1746, Christian VI reigned as king of both Denmark and Norway. He is regarded as one of Denmark-Norway’s more obscure kings but was an accomplished politician most remembered for his autocratic rule. The eldest surviving son of Frederick IV and Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow

10. Frederik V 1746-1766

Frederik 5 profil 480x400 1

Born: March 31, 1723

Died: January 14, 1766

From August 6, 1746, till his passing in 1766, Frederick V reigned as King of Denmark-Norway and Duke of Schleswig-Holstein. He was the son of Christian VI of Denmark and Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach.

09. Christian VII 1766-1808

Christian 7 profil 480x400 1

Born: January 29, 1749

Died: March 13, 1808

From 1766 until his passing in 1808, Christian VII, a member of the House of Oldenburg, reigned as King of Denmark-Norway and Duke of Schleswig and Holstein. “Gloria ex amore patriae” was his choice for a motto. Christian VII’s reign was characterized by mental illness, and for much of it, he was only nominally in charge.

08. Frederik VI 1808-1839


Born: January 28, 1768

Died: December 3, 1839

Frederick VI was King of Denmark from 13 March 1808 to 3 December 1839 and King of Norway from 13 March 1808 to 7 February 1814, making him the last king of Denmark–Norway. From 1784 until his accession, he served as regent during his father’s mental illness and was referred to as the “Crown Prince Regent”.

07. Christian VIII 1839-1848


Born: September 18, 1786

Died: January 20, 1848

Christian VIII, also known as Christian Frederick, reigned as king of Norway in 1814 and as king of Denmark from 1839 until 1848. Hereditary Prince Frederick, the younger son of King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway, was the father of Christian Frederick, who was his eldest child.

06. Frederick VII 1848-1863

Frederik VII af August Schiott

Born: October 6, 1808

Died: November 15, 1863

From 1848 to 1863, Frederick VII ruled as king of Denmark. He was the last king of Denmark to rule as an absolute monarch as well as the final member of the House of Oldenburg’s elder Royal branch. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

05. Christian IX 1863-1906

Christian IX of Denmark color altered

Born: April 8, 1818

Died: January 29, 1906

From 15 November 1863 until his passing in 1906, Christian IX ruled as king of Denmark. He simultaneously held the titles of Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg from 1863 until 1864. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

04. Frederik VIII 1906-1912

Frederik8 profil 480x400 1

Born: June 3, 1843

Died: May 14, 1912

From January 29th, 1906, till his demise in 1912, Frederick VIII ruled as king of Denmark. Frederick was linked to the European monarchy. He was the eldest son of King Christian IX, also known as the Father-in-law of Europe. He was the crown prince of Denmark for more than 42 years and the presumptive heir to the throne.

03. Christian X 1912-1947

294428 1340798135

Born: September 26, 1870

Died: April 20, 1947

From 1912 until his death in 1947, Christian X reigned as King of Denmark. From 1918 to 1944, he also served as the only King of Iceland under the name Kristján X, in the form of a personal union rather than a real union between 1918 and 1944. 

02. Frederik IX 1947-1972


Born: March 11, 1899

Died: January 14, 1972

King of Denmark Frederick IX reigned from 1947 to 1972. Frederick was the eldest child of King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine of Denmark and a member of the House of Glücksburg. When his father succeeded as king in 1912, he became the crown prince. He received his education at the Royal Danish Naval Academy while he was young. These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.

01. Margrethe II Since 1972

dronning margrethe 2020 medium
queen margrethe

Born: April 16, 1940 (age 83 years), Amalienborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Children: Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Joachim of Denmark

Spouse: Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark (m. 1967–2018)

Parents: Frederick IX of Denmark, Ingrid of Sweden

Siblings: Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece

Wedding: Margrethe Alexandrine Þorhildur Ingrid, Her Majesty The Queen, became Queen of Denmark in 1972. Margrethe II was born on 16 April 1940 at Amalienborg as the daughter of Frederik IX (d. 1972) and Queen Ingrid, born Princess of Sweden.

Children: HRH Crown Prince Frederik André Henrik Christian, born 26 May 1968, and HRH Prince Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian, born 7 June 1969.


Language: The Queen’s mother tongue is Danish. In addition, Her Majesty speaks French, Swedish, English and German.

It appears her popularity can be attributed to her way of living life to the full and her occasionally ridding herself of the pomp and circumstance that is accustomed to Royal life. As such, when she ascended to the throne in 1972, she was only the second-ever Queen of Denmark, the first being Queen Margrethe I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The current queen has the nickname ‘Aunt Daisy’ as her name, Margrethe, is similar to a Danish flower, and it’s also the national flower of Denmark.

These are the most famous Kings Of Denmark.


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