King Tutankhamun’s Death and Other Information (Photos)

King Tutankhamun B.C. Ruled Egypt for 10 years until his death around 1324. The modern world barely knew about King Tutankhamun until 1922 when British archaeologist Howard Carter entered his tomb.

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Untouched for more than 3,000 years, his tomb revealed an incredible amount of information about ancient Egypt, and Tutankhamun became the world’s most famous pharaoh.
In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter’s discovery of the king’s tomb received worldwide media coverage. With over 5,000 artifacts, there has been a lot of public interest in it. The gilded mask of Tutankhamun is a popular symbol and is currently in the Egyptian Museum.

Genetic testing has confirmed that King Tutankhamun was the grandson of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and the son of Akhenaten of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty (1550-1295 BC). After Akhenaten’s death, two pharaohs ruled, followed by nine-year-old Tutankhamun. Research has also revealed that King Tutankhamun was physically disabled with a deformity in his left leg and bone necrosis.

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Studies of the king’s death have shown that Tutankhamun died from a blow to the head. But in 2006, a full scan of his body revealed that the skull damage had occurred after his death.

A 2010 study of Tutankhamun’s DNA found that he had malaria and that a worsening infection in his leg may have contributed to his death.

Source: History, National Geographic, Britannica, Biography

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The iron dagger of King Tutankhamun Color picture of the iron dagger Carter no 256K

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