The Sri Lankan beauty Nihari Perera went to the world without a dress

A moment of shame as a country (Photos) | Sri Lanka for the ‘Miss Grand International competition, The Sri Lankan beauty Nihari Perera went to the world without a dress.

nihari perera

The authorities of the airport did not give Nihari Perera, a Sri Lankan model, a chance to take the most valuable national costume that she had prepared for the competition at Katunayake Airport while leaving for Indonesia to represent Sri Lanka for the ‘Miss Grand International competition.


This dress was to be presented at the tournament, for the cultural aspect…

This is the most important of the tournament. This is my national costume. I couldn’t take it because I was told to leave it at the airport. The total weight of my bag was forty kilos. But they didn’t let me take away the most important thing. I had to pay eighty thousand rupees for other extra bags that I could have carried.

Official Instagram-

Finally, I came to Indonesia for this competition, leaving my most important costume design in Sri Lanka. If there is no support from the government and officials even in the case of representing the country, it is regrettable and this has happened not only to me but to others. There is no support from the government for people like us who go to such competitions.


This year, the “Miss Grand International” tournament will be held for the tenth time, in which contestants representing 68 countries will participate and the tournament is scheduled to start on October 25.

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Some photos were taken by the Original Artist’s Instagram Account…

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