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If you are looking for the World Sexiest Athlete – Alica Schmidt, You are in the right place. Alica Schmidt is a famous German athlete and supermodel which is a rare combination. As an accomplished hurdler and olympian relay racer Alica has taken the world by storm with her talent determination and her irresistible beauty. 355109179 961138042003121 3263835728239299285 n 1080

Much of the press Alica Schmidt received focuses on her physical appearance rather than her athletic ability and this has led to some unique challenges and opportunities along her journey. Alica was born in a small town called Works in west Germany on the 27th of December.

As a child itself it was very clear to her parents that Alica Schmidt was no normal girl. She had a unique talent that would one day capture the hearts of many. Alica got her first big break in her athletics career in 2017 when she was selected to be on the German national team representing the country at the 2017 European under-20 championships. 375039826 676396190773176 1164536762086115958 n 1080

Alica’s dream of competing on an international level was now a reality. Alica’s performance here opened quite a few doors for her she took her place on the team as a part of the 4×400 relay race and her team went home with the silver medal. This huge success brought new interest in Alica from across the world.

But she wasn’t sure if she was happy about some of the attention she received a huge amount of press coverage and air time was given not to Alica’s athletic prowess but rather to her looks. Alica is undoubtedly a true beauty and magazines and newspapers across the world were fixated on her long legs and flowing blonde hair.

Date of Birth8 November 1998
Age24 Years
Birth PlaceWorms
Height1.75 m
Weight55 kg
Sport:Track and field, Athletics, Running

In 2017 a website called Busted Coverage named her the world’s hottest track athlete. This brought Alica, who was already a celebrity in her home country of Germany, a new level of fame across the United States. This was somewhat of a double-edged sword.

It was nice for Alica to be complimented on her looks but at the same time, it was strange for her to be presented as an object of beauty when her mission was to achieve sporting excellence. Even today she carries the tag of the world’s sexiest athlete. 250117368 1849547478560917 907421889347868197 n 1080 2

Despite this unexpected attention, Alica didn’t let this distract her from her ambition and continued to build up experience in sporting championships and winning more competitions. Alica Schmidt was used to getting collaboration requests from health and fitness companies but she was surprised when she received a request from the famous Playboy magazine asking if she would like to appear in one of their features.

Despite this being a huge opportunity which could have increased her celebrity status massively, Alica Schmidt declined the offer and focused on what mattered most to her, her sporting career. She has taken up an offer from athletic clothing company Puma which is now her official sponsor. 352342322 1272201646719725 6962826213751335428 n 1080

Alica Schmidt, The track & field star, who’s labeled as the “World’s Sexiest Athlete,” has been dazzling her 4.5 million Instagram followers with eye-popping snaps regularly, and her latest update was no different.

Alica Schmidt Official Instagram Account And Alica Schmidt bikini Photos- Alica Ѕchmidt

Alica Schmidt Official Youtube Channel- Alica Schmidt

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Let’s see Alica Schmidt’s beautiful photos. 350240643 1099839958086282 5640537658179805850 n 1080 354409425 1426666681401213 8654738375022547726 n 1080 347225398 6093045724078215 7748655751266702741 n 1080 343154041 920125389263389 4345704584743697589 n 1024 342895630 465514499074002 6355059505435040214 n 1080 327324105 644141784205828 8519031968102229290 n 1080 340208636 776261160518593 6888903256454369232 n 1080 338313762 978421416660011 5922637178565903739 n 1080 324706254 569395114706405 527370611283940316 n 1080 318240617 694735962205162 8688608688640674099 n 1080 283293022 1025434561415397 7439989901213905486 n 1080 278689634 672193803838568 2023305894575081397 n 1080 271826596 348594640132228 6423578221116390850 n 1080 254317101 298534565606299 3741223311152620031 n 1080 244746774 220552080066218 7444100653491157481 n 1080 244255512 147562774254657 4824451096779372620 n 1080 213676831 961950834371410 5853142036714725121 n 1080 25023520 1187360041408115 673492168123351040 n 1080

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