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If you are looking for the Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023. You are in the right place. Korean pop music, or ‘K-pop’ as it’s better known, is catchy, fun and full of energy, so if you’re not on board yet, what are you waiting for..?

Thanks to toe-tapping techno beats, crazy-colourful aesthetic, trend-defining fashion and perfectly choreographed videos, K-pop has become something of a global phenomenon, and its stars are smashing records.

K-pop is part of what is called ‘Hallyu’ – literally meaning ‘Korean wave’ – used to refer to the colossal and ever-growing impact of South Korean culture, shown in the popularity of everything from K-dramas on Netflix to the meteoric rise of K-beauty.

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

K-pop, however, is one cultural export that you might not be as familiar with even though it has a $5 billion market. In fact, one of K-pop’s most successful bands, BTS, sold more albums than Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande back in 2020.

The same year BTS became the first K-pop musician to receive a Grammy nomination, with ‘Dynamite’ up for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’.

but There have been several suicides by high-profile K-pop icons, including 25-year-old Sulli in 2019, a former member of the girl group f(x). A month later, Sulli’s friend Goo Hara, 28, who used to perform in the group Kara, also took her own life. In 2017, 27-year-old Kim Jong-hyun took his own life after revealing the immense pressure that came with the success of his group SHINee.

It seems that with the fame of K-pop comes an impossible standard; that of being perfectly polished, perfectly synchronized and simply perpetually perfect.

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

South Korean writer Lee Hark-joon observed, “They live a mechanical life from an early age, undergoing a spartan training regimen.” They seldom ever get the chance to establish regular social or academic interactions.

Hark-joon also said that because their area of business is so closely related to social media, K-pop singers are frequently the target of online harassment. The South Korean government has considered teaching students about cyberbullying in schools because of this.

It’s clear there’s a lot more to K-pop than its synthesized music and dance routines, and it’s easy to see why the fascination with this immense genre is ever-growing. But for now, what better way to get acquainted with the K-pop phenomenon than with its music? Here, we round up the best K-pop bands to know if you want to jump on the burgeoning bandwagon.

01. BTS

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

The seven-member group has an estimated net worth of $100 million, with each idol having around a $20 million individual net worth.
This seven-member boy band has taken the world by storm and are definitely the biggest name in K-pop. BTS have performed sell-out arena shows across the US and UK, have achieved two No. 1 albums in the US, boasting 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, have sold 16 million albums (Map of Soul is the best-selling album in Korean history), and were the best-selling artist to debut in the 2010s.

According to the IFPI’s Global Artist Chart, BTS were the second best-selling artist of 2018 (behind Drake), as well as the only non-English speaking artist to enter the chart. The seven members are rappers Suga, RM and J-hope, and vocalists Jimin, V, Jin and Jungkook.

BTS released “Dynamite” in August 2020; it was their first song fully in English. It debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles list and held that position for three full weeks. BTS became the first all-South Korean act to top the Hot 100 thanks to its debut No. 1 hit in the US. ‘Dynamite’ was nominated for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ at the Grammys, making them the first K-pop artists to do so. ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’.

02. Blackpink

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

Blackpink is not your ordinary girl group. They give off a different vibe from the rest of the K-pop girl groups. This diverse four-member girl group has one member coming from Thailand and is good at speaking English..
Consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, Blackpink is another hugely successful Seoul-born girl group. In November 2019, they became the first-ever K-pop band to join YouTube’s ‘billion views club’, when their single Ddu-Du Ddu-Du was played more than a billion times on the site.

The only other Korean act to join the club is Psy with Gangnam Style (remember that?). Blackpink also recently finished their In Your Area tour, which saw them perform to a total audience of around 205,000 people.

They finished their world tour in South Korea before heading to North America and Europe. and they complete travel to Australia, Singapore and Thailand in 2023. Most popular kpop group girls.

03. TWICE 

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

Twice is one of the K-pop groups that debuted in 2015 through a program called Sixteen under JYP Entertainment. The K-pop group consists of nine members of different nationalities coming from places like Japan and Taiwan.
Girl K-pop band, TWICE, is often referred to as the “sweethearts of K-pop” for good reason. The nine-member group is known for an energetic mix of musical styles and their sweet ‘bubblegum’ sense of fashion.

The band’s first taste of fame came when their single, “Cheer Up,” rose to number one on the Korean charts and won a Song of the Year Award from the Asian Music Awards. As of 2022, the band has released a full five studio albums in Korean and one Japanese album.

The band’s concerts from their 4th global tour were a sellout at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles in May 2022. This is a significant accomplishment for the group because it made TWICE the first K-pop female group to perform in a stadium in the United States.


Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

With 13 members and three units, SEVENTEEN is revered as one of K-pop’s leading superstars. The former Seventeen Magazine cover stars celebrate over 2 billion streams and boast over 10 million albums sold. They kicked 2021 off with a bang coming in as the first group with two No.1s on Billboard Top Album Sales and were nominated for the Best K-pop award at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

team Korean songs, Seventeen has also released two Japanese singles. Their EP, 17 Carat, holds the record for being the US’s longest-charting K-pop album of 2015.

05. Girls’ Generation

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

With over 100 million digital and physical records sold, Girls’ Generation is one of the biggest K-pop girl groups. From their debut in 2007 until their final release as a group in 2018, Girls’ Generation paved the way and made history in the process. In 2018, they made it into the Guinness World Records after winning 13 trophies at the MelOn Music Awards, making them the artists to have won the most awards at the show. Their group members have since moved on as successful DJs, actresses, and variety show hosts. Girls’ Generation continues to put out hit after hit, fueling their fans’ endless desire for upbeat electro-pop


Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

Another K-pop boy band to rise from the depths of a reality competition program is Enhypen. The seven band members were picked through the I-Land challenge, a survival-style event. The group’s album debuted on the US Billboard 200 list and achieved a respectable ninth place on the global albums chart.

Once considered to be the strict domain of teenage girls, the K-pop fanbase has greatly expanded to include men, women, and children of all ages from around the world. Fans are attracted to not only the variety and quality of music but the care that is put into creating personas and stories within and between K-pop groups.

After making their debut in 2020, ENHYPEN won four “Rookie of the Year” Awards. All seven of the group’s members serve as global ambassadors for Ami Paris, and they’ve garnered over 100 million views between the music videos for their singles, “Given-Taken,” “Drunk-Dazed” and “Tamed-Dashed.”

07. Momoland 

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

Momoland is one of the K-pop girl groups that MLD Entertainment formed. They’ve gotten together through the 2016 reality show Finding Momoland. The show’s winners, Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy, served as the then 7-member group members.

Their debut mini-album Welcome to Momoland, was released in November 2016. In 2017, Daisy and Taeha joined the group. Three members left the girl group, which currently makes them a 6-member group.

The South Korean girl group has won and has been nominated for several awards. The most recent awards in 2020 were the Korean Wave Idol Award and Group Singer Award for Korean Arts and Culture Awards, and Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.

In addition to their musical talents, the members are also known for their extensive and ongoing charitable work and support for organizations such as the Korean Red Cross, the Black Lives Matter movement, along with many other causes.

08. NewJeans

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

NewJeans‘s girls soon revealed their talent. The group has stable and appreciated singing and dancing skills. NewJeans music mainly combines 2 materials of electro pop and Hip-hop, catchy, vibrant enough for the audience to replay many times.

The new song “Ditto” created a social media fever with hundreds of thousands of TikTok trending videos. It took Ditto only 6 days to reach Perfect All-Kill.

Their official debut EP was released digitally on August 1 and impressively got 1.9million views within 24 hours on YouTube. They have more than exceeded 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which is no easy feat!

With the global viral music and the right image orientation, NewJeans is taking favorable steps to go further in the international market.


Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

BIGBANG was formed through a television series called Big Bang Documentary in 2006. For years, the R&B-inspired quintet made waves as one of the biggest K-pop bands of the 2000s. Due to South Korea’s mandatory military service requirement, members of the group enlisted in the military in 2017. Reports of a possible comeback emerged as members Taeyang and Daesung were discharged from the Korean military in November 2019. Fresh after his discharge from the military, Big Bang leader, G-Drag, announced his sneaker new collaboration with Nike, a pair of sneakers called the Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise.

Fans were thrilled to hear about a ‘comeback’ performance scheduled for 2020’s Coachella but, unfortunately, the festival was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At the rate the band’s popularity continues to grow, there is little doubt that they’ll be invited back for another festival soon!

10. Red Velvet

Most Popular Kpop Groups 2023

The four-member K-pop girl group released their first single “Happiness” in 2014. After a new member was added to the group in 2015, Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake became the best-selling album on South Korea’s Hanteo chart. Their album The Red Flavor debuted at No.1 on the Billboard World Albums chart in 2017, marking the group’s third chart-topping album. They made history as the first K-pop girl group to have three No. 1 albums debut on the World Albums Chart. The group’s members are proud ambassadors for Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo Global, and Tod’s. They’ve also landed endorsements with Converse Korea.

Red Velvet is praised for its strong vocals and visually appealing music videos and have a huge fan following on social media. The members of the band are Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy.

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